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3 easy ways to help children in East Africa

There’s a lot to try and wrap your head around in Britain at the moment that’s unsettling, deeply concerning even. And then there’s S.A.M.

Your might not have seen it on the news. Or your social feed. Which is shocking, as S.A.M. threatens the lives of 1.7 million children.

It stands for severe acute malnutrition. And across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia a lethal combination of poverty, climate change, covid and war, coupled with avoidable delays is causing S.A.M. to spread like wildfire.

Thinking about this, alongside all the other hard things going on in the world at the moment can feel quite overwhelming.

There is hope. But we have to act now.

What can I do?

We all have the power to affect change. It’s easy to believe we can’t change the world. But we can, and we must.

Please take a minute to do one - or all three! - of these important actions.

1. Donate to the East Africa Hunger Crisis
In hospitals and treatment centres, we’re giving life-saving care to children with S.A.M. But we urgently need to reach more children with S.A.M, and stop children wasting away.

2. Sign the petition - tell the Government East Africa needs more

Let’s stop this crisis in its tracks. Sign the petition demanding our Prime Minister take action now to save children’s lives. Make this the last famine the world sees. 

3. Spread the word - share this post or share this blog
Share to show your support with the children battling, and overcoming S.A.M. Let’s focus on the incredible, joyful potential of these children, not the situation they find themselves in.

One signature can tip the scale. A small donation, given by many, amounts to hundreds of thousands. One share on social could reach the right person, or trigger an avalanche of action that makes all the difference.

The times when we feel most hopeless are the times we must act!

I want to learn more

Visit our East Africa Hunger appeal page
Learn about the boy behind the picture 
Hear local experiences, and the systemic change taking place