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The climate crisis is the biggest battle we will ever fight

The link between the climate crisis and children's lives has never been clearer to see, or more difficult to witness.

Almost half of children worldwide are at huge risk from the impacts of the climate crisis, as extreme weather destroys crops, livestock and livelihoods.

By becoming a monthly giver you can ensure that when disaster stikes, we continue to be one of the first on the scene, making sure children are protected.

The reality in numbers:

  • Globally, children are estimated to bear 88% of diseases related to climate change. 
  • In Africa, school enrolment rates have declined by 20% in regions affected by drought. 
  • The number of people likely to be displaced by climate change could reach one billion by 2050.

We must act now. 

How we're helping children through the climate crisis

Our response to the crisis is structured around four main goals: 

  • Advancing our existing programmes and testing innovative approaches to help communities and families adapt to climate change
  • Campaigning with children to advocate to the international community that the climate crisis is a child rights crisis.
  • Collaborating with others to accelerate our ambitions.
  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact as an organisation.

But the scale of the threat means more work must be done. As the biggest threat to children’s lives and futures, we’re committed to doing all we can to tackle the climate crisis. 


Here's how you can support children in crisis now.

When disaster strikes, we're one of the first on the scene to make sure children are protected. Help us get there quicker.

How to talk to kids about the climate crisis

The conversation's big... so we've got five tips to help you through it.

Become a monthly donor

Help us reach children living through the climate crisis.

Why is action so important?

Latest Climate Crisis reports

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Page last updated November 2022