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Climate Crisis

We have to act now for children's futures

The climate crisis is the biggest battle we will ever fight

The link between the climate crisis and children's lives has never been clearer to see, or more difficult to witness.

Almost half of children worldwide are at huge risk from the impacts of the climate crisis as extreme weather destroys crops, livestock and livelihoods.

Families are missing out on the food they need to stay healthy, struggling to pay for school or healthcare and many children  have to work to support their families. 

Without immediate action, the climate crisis will continue to rob children of their childhood and their futures, especially those living in the poorest places.


Change is possible and a better world for children can be built – but we have to act now.

Why COP26 failed to protect children

It's time to see the climate crisis for what it is - a child rights crisis - and give them a say in the future of our planet.

Latest Climate Crisis reports

Can we come together to protect the future?

For so many kids around the world, climate change isn't a distant, scary thing - it's their every day life. Here's how we're supporting them.

How do Save the Children help children affected by the climate crisis?

Save the Children has a unique role to support children to hold governments to account on the commitments made, while urging governments to act in children’s best interests.

We’re responding to the impact of the crisis through our programmes by: 

  • Providing water to communities battling drought
  • Assisting with cash transfers for families whose livelihoods and homes have been hit
  • Setting up early warning systems to predict when crisis might hit 

But the scale of the threat means more work must be done. As the biggest threat to children’s lives and futures, we’re committed to doing all we can to tackle the climate crisis. 


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