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What we're doing

Climate change is already affecting the world’s poorest people. Vulnerable groups, especially children and women, are hardest hit by the effects of climate change.

We know that we will not be able to achieve our aims to protect children from the increasing threat of climate change unless we understand the impact we have on the environment and do what we can to reduce this.

Monitoring our carbon footprint

In 2011 we started mapping our carbon footprint and since 2013 we've outlined recommendations for improvement within our annual Accountability and Transparency Report.

In order to map our carbon footprint we monitor and collect data on our gas and electricity usage, water supply and disposal, waste disposal (including recycling), paper usage and travel (to, from and within the UK) for our Headquarters, 5 regional offices and 136 retail shops.

Why we do this

We're committed to mapping our carbon footprint each year so that we can better understand the impact of our activities on the environment. By analysing the results we can then identify key areas for improvement and also encourage our staff to be part of our efforts to minimise our environmental impact.

Our actions respond to the feedback of our people, as well as to donor and peer expectations. With children on the frontline of climate change, every action taken helps us to achieve our ambitious goals.

  • All energy used by our UK headquarters building in central London is now derived from renewable sources, and many of our other UK offices are using environmentally friendly ways of working.
  • Our Cycle to Work scheme encourages our people to get on their bikes.
  • As part of our recent Smart Working project, we installed LED lighting across 25% of our office space. We have also introduced Microsoft Lync, which has made homeworking and virtual meetings more straightforward. This means staff travel less.
  • We have created a working group made up of representatives from across our organisation, who meet regularly to continue to develop our environmental commitments.
  • Our carbon mapping reports also influence our Environmental Policy Statement, which commits to us minimising the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible, balancing it with the necessities to fulfil our mandate and financial affordability.

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