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Why regular gifts make a difference

Our regular givers are a vital part of Save the Children. Find out why regular giving is so important - and beneficial for our supporters - below:

Developing long term solutions

Having guaranteed income from our generous monthly givers means we are able to plan for long term solutions and invest in bigger projects. This means we are able to look not just at reactive work to support children - for example after natural disasters - but also develop sustainable and ongoing support for children.
This could be anything from providing longterm psychosocial support for children affected by conflict, or setting up initatives such as our FAST program in schools to support children's long-term learning

Ready for emergencies

When a disaster strikes it's always children that suffer the most. Our Emergency Fund is designed to ensure we are ready to react quickly, and effectively when children are at risk.
In recent months alone we have seen the terrible destruction caused by the cyclones in southern Africa and the risk of famine in Yemen, whilst children in the Democratic Republic of Congo contend with deadly disease outbreaks and violent conflict.
Whatever the disaster, thanks to our Emergency Fund, we can be by a child's side within days of a disaster striking. Our regular givers are at the core of this vital work.

Convenient for you

Many of our monthly givers feel it is easier to set up a regular gift as this way they are able to give proportionately more than they might for just a single donation, but spread the cost across the year. You can budget accordingly and having a donation coming out as a monthly payment can be easier to manage.
It also means you will remain close to the work we do and your unique impact. Our regular givers recieve more targeted communications and therefore have a clearer idea of our long term work and strategy and the invaluable part they play. 

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