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Child hunger & malnutrition

Every child should have good food

Our movement's child health and nutrition programmes reached 27.9 million children in 2020.

Hunger leaves children vulnerable to infection, disease and death. Nearly 1/4 worldwide suffer permanent damage due to poor nutrition.

Poverty and rising prices mean many families can't afford food. Meanwhile, the climate crisis change threatens more droughts and food shortages.

But our hunger and nutrition programmes help millions every year.

Our teams provide counselling, breastfeeding support, malnutrition screening, vitamin supplements and cash transfers.

We're pioneering new methods of predicting food crises so governments can take action sooner.

How we're helping Fatima*

Fatima, 9 months, first day back home after returning from the Stabilisation Centre

Fatima*, 9 months, first day back home after returning from the Stabilisation Centre.

At just nine months old, severe malnutrition left Fatima too weak and ill to stand. 

Her mother, Amina, took Fatima to a Save the Children-supported stabilisation centre, where she was immediately admitted for treatment.  Fatima was given nutritional milk, therapeutic food and antibiotics. After 10 days of treatment, Fatima had started to recover and had visibly put on weight.

Five months after her vital treatment, Fatima is now walking and has continued to put on weight. She’s now thriving and is able to play with her big sister Fatun.

“I hope my children live a life of good health and have good education. What makes me happy is watching my children living a happy life, with good health, a life free from trouble,"  says Amina.

Find out more about Fatima's story

*Name changed to protect identity

  • 45% of child deaths are linked to malnutrition.
  • Improved breastfeeding could prevent the death of 823K under-5s
  • In 2030, 129m children will suffer 'stunting'  as a result of hunger.

Here's a few of the things we're doing;

Northern Nigeria: Giving out small grants & dietary advice with DFID to help 60,000 pregnant women and mothers get the nutritious food they and their children need in their first 1000 days.

Niger: Tackling malnutrition in pregnant women & under 2s, focusing on breastfeeding and complementary feeding support. We're also teaching improved farming techniques & empowering women & girls to earn & save. 

South Sudan: Using community-based approaches to prevent malnutrition. We also run outpatient feeding programmes to help children stay healthy.

Yemen: Distributing food and cash grants to families. A major effort is to create safe spaces and provide support for mothers to breastfeed and improve the diet of their young children. The teams are also treating children for malnutrition.

Why should you still care about hunger?

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