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Find out about our work in Niger

We've been working in Niger since the food crisis of 2005, covering everything from health to education.

Our programmes cover nutrition, food security and livelihoods, health, sanitation, education and child protection.

We've been working in Niger since it was hit by a major food crisis in 2005. As well as emergency interventions, we now run long-term programmes to support children's healthnutrition, and education, and ensure they are protected.

Our livelihoods programmes are helping families become more resilient in the face of seasonal stresses and economic shocks. As well as distributing livestockseeds and fertilisers, we use cash transfers to boost local economies and avert food crises. Through our Household Economy Approach, we're learning more about what foods families buy and where shortages are likely, and working with the government and NGOs to improve early warning systems.

Our teams support the health service to ensure that babies are delivered safely, and that children receive life-saving immunisations to protect them from killer diseases. We're also working with communities to improve health, hygiene and sanitation. In education, we're helping ensure that children - especially girls - stay in school.

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