Give in memory

Raise money in memory of a loved one

Celebrate the life of a loved one by raising money or making a donation in their memory. Your gift could help give children essentials such as food and shelter, as well as access to education, healthcare and safe places to play. And help them build a better future.

Set up a Memorial Education Fund in memory of your loved one

Open a Memorial Education Fund in memory of a special person and raise money to support education projects to help children all over the world realise their full potential.

Hold a funeral collection

Holding a collection at your loved one's funeral is a meaningful way for their friends and family to remember them.

We can support your collection by sending you some special funeral donation envelopes. These can either be sent back to us individually using the Freepost address on the envelope, or you can collect them and send them back all together.

When all donations have been received, we'll let you know how much has been raised in memory of your loved one.

Please get in touch with the In Memory team to request funeral envelopes. You can call us on 0207 012 6400 or email us at

Other ways to raise money in memory

There are lots of other ways you can support Save the Children in memory of someone, including:

Whatever you do, your gift will help children not just survive, but thrive, and go on to build a better world.


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