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For nearly four years, war has trapped children in a brutal cycle of starvation and sickness. We’re fighting to get desperately needed food to children. But more urgently need your help.

What is the situation in Yemen?

Yemen has long been one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

In March 2015, a long-running political crisis escalated into violence, with devastating consequences for people who live in Yemen.

And while the sides in the conflict continue to vie for control, Yemen’s people are being starved.

Not enough food is getting into the country, the sanitation system has been decimated, and hospitals have been destroyed.

It's now being called one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. 



The war in Yemen is now nearly four years long and has left 11.3 million children in need of humanitarian assistance to survive.

Schools and hospitals have been caught in the crossfire and the economy has collapsed, meaning even food, fuel and water are beyond the reach of many families. 

Now the country is on the brink. Extreme hunger and disease may have already claimed the lives of up to 85,000 young children. And right now, millions of children don't know where their next meal will come from - or if it will come at all.

The UN has warned that this could become the worst famine in 100 years, with 20 million at risk of extreme hunger unless they get urgent, unfettered humanitarian aid. This is becoming a manmade disaster on an almost unprecedented scale.

Tentative steps are being made towards peace. But for the children whose lives are hanging by a thread right now, there isn’t a moment to lose.

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How we're helping children and families in Yemen

Save the Children operates across battle lines in Yemen and we have seen first-hand how it has become the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis with 11 million children dependent on humanitarian aid.

In Yemen, protecting children affected by war is our key concern. Our emergency teams are working across the country, distributing food and cash transfers so families can afford to eat.

In 2018, we sustained the functionality of 175 health centres to treat malnourished children, and supply communities with water tanks and hygiene kits. And our mobile child protection teams are helping keep children safe.

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The UK Government is in a uniquely powerful position to help stop the war in Yemen. Britain is 'pen holder' on Yemen at the UN Security Council. That means that our government has the power to draft Security Council actions on Yemen, and can lead the way in forging a political solution to the conflict. The UK must use the power of their pen to help deliver peace for children in Yemen. Will you help us show them the power of a pen?


Stand in solidarity with the children of Yemen and show the power of words and art. Draw, write and paint what peace means to you and share it with #Powerofyourpen and send a pen now.

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