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For over five years, war has trapped children in a brutal cycle of hunger and sickness. We’re fighting to get desperately needed food to them. But more children urgently need your help.

What's happening?

Yemen has long been one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

In March 2015, a long-running political crisis escalated into violence, with devastating consequences for the people and children who live in Yemen.

Now after over five years, the Yemen conflict has left 12.3m children in need of help.

It is one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. 

And now the impact of coronavirus on Yemen is causing more devastation with half of the country's health facilities destroyed in the conflict. Yemen has just over 500 confirmed cases of the virus, but there are reports of deaths from COVID-19 symptoms from around the country and case fatality is alarmingly high.

We're currently raising funds to help children affected by COVID-19 in Yemen and around the world - find out more about our coronavirus response in Yemen here. 



Yemen is a perfect storm of humanitarian, protection and economic crises, with each fuelling the other.

Schools and hospitals have been caught in the crossfire and the economy has collapsed, meaning even food, fuel and water are beyond the reach of many families. 

Now the country is on the brink. Extreme hunger and disease may have already claimed the lives of up to 85,000 young children. And right now, millions of children don't know where their next meal will come from - or if it will come at all.

The UN has warned that this could become the worst famine in 100 years, with 20 million at risk of extreme hunger unless they get urgent, unfettered humanitarian aid. This is becoming a manmade disaster on an almost unprecedented scale.

Tentative steps are being made towards peace. But for the children whose lives are hanging by a thread right now, there isn’t a moment to lose.

Watch: How Save the Children is helping

How we're helping children and families in Yemen

Since the beginning of our response in 2015, we have: 

  • treated 232,000 under-fives for acute malnutrition
  • provided reproductive health services to 282,000 women
  • enabled 1.1m children to access food with distributions & cash grants 
  • delivered hygiene awareness workshops to 1.6m people
  • provided child-friendly spaces for more than 223,000 children

Donate now to the Yemen Crisis Appeal

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