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Move the slider so how your donation could make a difference for children

  • School-in-a-bag kits
  • OR
  • family hygiene packs
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  • food baskets
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  • emergency first-aid kits
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The climate crisis, confict and COVID-19 put children on the frontline.

When disaster strikes, children are always the most at risk – from the Global Hunger Crisis, to the recent earthquake in Haiti,.

Now a triple threat of climate change, COVID-19 and conflict fuels a global hunger crisis that threatens millions. Children are at the heart of the climate crisis and children everywhere will feel its ravaging impact.

As our climate becomes increasingly unpredictable, with deadly consequences, our Emergency Fund allows us to respond to disasters around the world – so we can reach children immediately. Your support can help children and families devastated by disaster to stay safe and healthy.

What are we doing to help?

We’re supporting children and families on the frontline of the climate crisis by providing:

  • water for communities battling drought
  • therapeutic food for malnourished children
  • emergency healthcare for hard-to-reach communities
  • cash and vouchers for families whose livelihoods have been hit hard
  • food and water for schools so they can stay open – and children can stay healthy and keep learning.
  • We’re also supporting local communities and local governments to cope with climate shocks in the long term.

    Our Emergency Fund also allows us to respond within hours of a disaster striking, so we can reach children immediately. Your support can help children and their families devastated by disaster to stay safe, healthy and to rebuild their lives.  

    A decade of emergency response

    Save the Children staff arriving at an emergency

    Since we launched our Emergency Fund in 2006, the humanitarian landscape has changed dramatically. Crises are more frequent, last longer and affect more people.

    There are now twice as many natural disasters as there were 20 years ago. 

    The needs are huge, but so is our determination to reach every last child caught in crisis. We have the experience to limit the effects of disasters on children's lives – and our Emergency Fund is the key to unlocking this expertise.

    Thanks to your support, we've helped millions of children in their darkest hour.

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    Page last updated January 2022

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