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No matter what the emergency, children always suffer the most.

Conflict and natural disasters threaten millions of children's survival and well-being every year and the humanitarian needs are greater today than ever before.

When children's lives are in danger from the Gaza crisis, the COVID-19 crisis in India, the Beirut explosion or the bushfires in Australia, we have to act quickly.

Our Emergency Fund allows us to respond wherever the need is greatest. It means we can be on the ground within hours of a disaster striking, so we can reach children immediately with the essentials they need to survive.

Beirut Explosion

Dom Joly reflects on the impact of the 2020 blast on its residents

Save the Children's emergency fund approach

Our Emergency Fund not only enables us to respond immediately when a disaster strikes, it also allows us to respond to the countless ongoing crises around the world that don't hit the headlines. Right now, a political and economic crisis in Venezuela has forced over one million people across the border into Colombia, in need of food, shelter and healthcare. Whilst children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are contending with deadly disease outbreaks, malnutrition and violent conflict. 

Whatever the disaster, thanks to our Emergency Fund, we can be by a child's side within days of a disaster striking - to help children survive and rebuild their lives, before it's too late. 


A decade of emergency response

It's been over 10 years since we launched our Emergency Fund. Thanks to your support, we've reached millions of children in their darkest hour.

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