How you helped

Celebrating the wonderful things you've done for children all over the world

At times it can feel like nothing we give is ever enough, and that no matter how much we care, we can’t make a difference. Although this couldn’t be further from the truth, it is vital as a charity to address these feelings that supporters can share. At Save the Children we know how important it is to recognise and celebrate progress – even as we accept how far there still is to go.

Here's a selection of some good news stories we'd like to share.

Recent news - a huge thank you!

Urgent action was needed to reach children affected by the Rohingya refugee crisis. Thanks to you, we were able to deliver.

The difference you've made

Gerald, 12, with his sister Rhea, five, at their home, Dulag, Leyte province, Philippines

Gerald and the Typhoon

Meet Gerald and his sister Xyril. When Typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013, it destroyed their home, and most of their village. 

Following the huge destruction across the Phillipines, with your support we helped over 232,000 children, including Gerald and his little sister.  


What we did

Learn more about how donations to specific appeals, and to our Emergency fund, help children around the world.

Reuniting families

Being separated from your family is one of the most terrifying experiences, particularly after a traumatic event. With your support we work tirelessly to bring families back together again.

Supporting incredible individuals

One of the most valuable aspects of our work is empowering people to serve their own communities better. Often, it's the people within these communities who can provide the best support to others.

ALICE and catching babies

Alice's story is quite extraordinary. Still working in the delivery room after a 30 year career, she has has over 800 babies named in her honour. Working through the cival war and Ebola, for many years she did not have the a clean and safe clinic, but with the help of your support, we were able to build new facilities for her and expectant mothers.

Read her story

Godwin and his super bike

Godwin is one of a growing number of men we have trained to take expectant mothers to the delivery room by bike, saving lives by providing simple but effective solutions in rural communities. As well as the women he supports, Godwin's own family is now more secure as a result of his job.

Read his story

Read more about Munni 

By 13 years old Munni was engaged to be married. Luckily her mother and Save the Children's community workers had other ideas and encouraged her to study. Now 16, she supports other women in her community and runs classes educating them on health and family matters. 

See how she did it

Learn more about Michael

Micheal works tirelessly to help support the boys in his care. Many of these teenagers were recruited as child soliders, or have watched family members be killed during the conflict in South Sudan. Now, they work with Michael and Save the Children to develop vocational skills to give them a better future.

Helping children change the future

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