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Introducing...Raise for Children

Raise for Children

Shop with the UK's best loved brands and they'll donate to Save the Children at no extra cost to you.

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Times are tough right now. It’s been a hard few years, with not enough good news stories and at least one too many prime ministers.

Now more than ever, our desire to help those who are having a hard time is not always matched by the ability to do so.

But even small actions can make a big difference. And so we’d like to tell you about something small that could make a monumental difference for children everywhere.

Introducing…the Raise for Children app for android and iPhone users – a way to donate money to Save the Children at no extra cost to you.

Ok, I’m interested, how does the Raise for Children app work?

Like all good things, it couldn’t be simpler. Download the app on android or iPhone, and shop.

The app features 7,500+ retailers - from supermarkets, to clothes shops, to energy companies, who will give a % commission of what is spent with them directly to Save the Children.

Search for the brand you want, or have a browse, then click and shop as usual on the retailer's website. Save the Children and our EasyFundraising partners will sort out the rest.

You can track your donations, see how much you’ve raised, and get little updates on what your donations are doing to give children the chance of a future they deserve.

Raise for Children brands

Right now you’re probably thinking, is Raise for Children right for me?

To find out the answer, we have pulled together this (very) short quiz:

Do you…

A) Want kids stay safe, healthy and learning – both in the UK and across the world?

B) Wish you could give more money to support kids in need, but feel limited by your finances?

C) Have a healthy appetite for online shopping? 

If the answer to some or all of those questions is yes, then the Raise for Children app could be perfect for you!

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What if I forget to shop through the app?

Don’t worry shoppers; we’ve got this sorted. It’s easy to enable ‘donation reminders’ which means you won’t even need to remember to visit the app!

The donations available will simply show in your Google search results, or on a shop website if you go directly to a shop homepage. Pretty clever. But not as clever as what this funding can do for children everywhere.

So where will the money I bring in through shopping go?

You can learn all about our three key focus areas on our What We Do page, visit our good news page to check out our most inspiring stories, or learn all about how we're supporting children with poverty and climate change - two of the biggest issues facing children everywhere. 

Let's get started!

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