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Keeping kids calm and connected



For kids as well as adults, coronavirus has brought about a lot of confusing and quite sudden changes to the way we live our lives.  In this corner of the den you’ll find clear, simple tips on how to talk to kids about hard things including coronavirus, its impact on their lives, as well as ideas on how to feel close to the people they love, even if they can’t be together. 

It’s also a safe space for children to share their brilliant ideas for other kids to enjoy, and to keep us adults uplifted and inspired when we need it most. 

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7 tips of how to talk to your kids

1. Be calm, honest, and informed.

2. Tailor your approach based on your child—think about whether more information makes them more or less anxious.

3. Share facts simply and calmly—kids take their cue from you.

4. Ask your child what they know, answer their questions and address any misinformation.

5. Validate their feelings, while reassuring them- “I understand this can be scary. The risk is still low, and we’re well prepared."

6. Remind them of what’s in their power—washing hands thoroughly and often, coughing and sneezing into their elbow, getting plenty of sleep, etc.

7. Model good hygiene, and try to make it fun! Think of or create a favorite song to sing while scrubbing hands for at least 20 seconds.




tips to prevent infection from coronavirus


Explaining Coronavirus to kids

This one page comic has been created to help children understand more about coronavirus.

This one page comic has been created to help children understand more about coronavirus.

Download the comic

Print out a black and white version that children can colour in themselves.

How to help children feel safe

Friends cuddle on the boat to school, Cambodia

Having a cuddle always makes things feel a bit better


 Everyone has their own way of feeling safe. For some it’s a hug from someone you love, for others writing down their worries – or even just running around the house until the feeling has passed. There’s no right or wrong way! In these uncertain times, feeling worried is natural - but expressing yourself can really help. 

Make models like Luis*

“I make action figures because sometimes I have nothing to do so I start moulding. I grab a picture and I mould [what I see]. I like it.”

Luis had to leave his home in Venezuela. Now he and his family live in a new city in a new country: Peru. For a while, Luis wasn’t able to go to school – and he missed his friends and his old life. He has to spend a lot of time in the one-room flat he shares with his family. 

His mum says: “Luis makes plasticine figures. He makes them when he's anxious. That's how he manages his anxiety at being locked in here – that's how he feels better.”

As you can see, he’s got pretty good at it! But the best thing is, it takes his mind off things for a bit.

Do you have some clay or plasticine?

You could have a go at recreating your family or things you have at home. Or inventing some animals, superheroes or monsters... or think about a really happy memory – and build that!

Relaxation content

Join your children in trying the Lazy Cat, the Turtle, the Lemon or all of these relaxation activities!


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