The Coronavirus (COVID19) Crisis is affecting children and families around the world. Please support them by giving if you can.

Here in the UK, even before the coronavirus outbreak, 4 million children lived in poverty. We can’t let that number rise. We need to help children around the world to get through this too.

Please donate to our appeal to help the most vulnerable children in the UK and around the world.

We've worked alongside children in Britain since the 1920s, and we’re proud of the difference we make to people’s lives here at home.

Abroad, we have decades of experience preparing for and responding to pandemics, including yellow fever, cholera, measles and Ebola.

We’re getting ready here in the UK and overseas to do all we can to fight coronavirus, working with governments and partners.

With your support, we can reach even more children and families to ensure their learning and well-being isn’t left behind in the COVID19 crisis.

Please donate now

Together we can help make sure everyone comes out of this kinder, bigger and stronger.

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