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You Raised $288.1 Million for our Coronavirus Appeal

Before March 2020, the idea of a novel virus ravaging livelihoods, deepening poverty, destabilising families and leading to more than 5 million fatalities worldwide, was beyond comprehension. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

99% of children worldwide were affected by lockdown restrictions.

As the virus spread across borders, millions of children were soon robbed of  their education, safety and health. As well as their childhoods. 

There was no time to lose. 

In May 2020, we launched Protect a Generation, our global response to the COVID-19 crisis, to act quickly to prevent, mitigate and respond to the devastating impact of the pandemic. 

Our Appeal has powered possible for children in 89 countries affected by the virus.

Ready to join the movement? Help children shine by in the pandemic's devastating aftermath. Donate to our Emergency Fund.

How Did Your Donations Transform Lives?

Your donations reached 29.5 million people, mitigating the impact of coronavirus on child survival, learning, and food security, to keep children safe in their homes and communities. That included...

  • 1,147,905 households receiving access to safe water, handwashing facilities, soap and environmental practices to mitigate the impact of the virus
  • 117,088 community health workers receiveing support and training to help their communities
  • 3,469,524 children receieving support with distance learning when school closures threatened their physical, psychosocial and learning needs 
  • 391,455 children under 5 receiving vital support for malnutrition 
  • 553,896 households receiving vouchers or cash transfers from our Coronavirus Emergency Fund

Baby Steps to a Safer World

The Pandemic Won't Stop Dereck's Imagination

The Pandemic Won't Stop Dereck's Imagination

At just one year old, Dereck* is already expressing his imagination through art. With the encouragement of his mum and the staff at one of our Child Friendly Spaces, Dereck's able to continue learning and flourish alongside his new pals.

Yet, beyond the classroom walls lies a country in crisis. The coronavirus has deepened Venezuela's humanitarian disaster. The country is now battling against a collapsing health system, hyperinflation, food shortages, and power cuts. All in the midst of spiralling political turmoil. 

When the virus hit Venezuela, we conducted a rapid needs assessment to shape our response. We've since increased families' safe and reliable access to food, encouraged good hygiene, supported health care providers, and built capacity for remote learning. 

With the help of your donations, we've also set up a number of Child Friendly Spaces to let children like Dereck* thrive.

Support learning for more children like Dereck with our Emergency Fund. 


The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. It continues to have a devastating impact on the world's poorest people.

Around the world, millions of children are still at risk, as coronavirus sweeps nations already crippled by war and poverty. Within the UK, livelihoods have been taken away, plunging families into desperate circumstances.

We're empowering the world's most vulnerable to beat the impact of the coronavirus. 

That includes fighting for fair vaccine distribution: 80% of the world's vaccines have gone to high and middle income countries. Yet again, those with the least are shouldering the greatest burden. That must change. 

Tala* 9, lives in a camp in northern Idlib in Syria where she attends a school supported by Save the Children's partner.

Tala* 9, lives in a camp in northern Idlib in Syria where she attends a school supported by Save the Children's partner.

Unless we continue fighting for the world's most vulnerable children, they will suffer the impact of the pandemic long after it's over...

Join the movement changing the future for the world's most vulnerable children.

Shaif, a coordinator in Emergency Child Protection, demonstrates handwashing to children in Yemen

Shaif, a coordinator in Emergency Child Protection, demonstrates handwashing to children in Yemen

Once Again, Thank You

We're so grateful to all our supporters for their generosity. Thank you. Please spread the word about our Coronavirus crisis appeal to help us raise more money, so that we can continue to be there for children.

This page was last updated on 03 December 2021.

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