Syria Crisis Appeal

As the Syrian conflict enters its ninth year, half of all Syrian children have grown up knowing nothing but war. They’ve faced terror and uncertainty on a daily basis. They have seen and experienced things that no child ever should, with millions being separated from their parents or seeing their loved ones killed.

Bombs have rained down on children's homes. Places that should be areas of safety - like schools, hospitals and playgrounds - have all come under attack. Children are being stripped of their basic rights every day, being denied access to healthcare or an education. 

Please donate to our Syria Appeal

The scale, severity and complexity of the conflict inside Syria can seem overwhelming, but this is a pivotal moment in the crisis. Syria’s children need our support more than ever.

We are doing whatever it takes to get health services, food, psychosocial care and child protection to those in the hardest to reach places. With your support, we can help more families like Rasha’s to reunite and begin to recover from a lifetime of suffering.

Our response

For as long as there has been conflict, our staff and partners have been on the ground in Syria, working around the clock to help save children's lives and protect their futures.

We're also working in neighbouring countries - including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt - doing whatever it takes to support children and their families who have escaped across borders.

Read more about our response areas below.

  • We've established Child Friendly Spaces, delivering vital psychosocial support to help children cope with the trauma of war and provide a save place for them to just be children again.
  • We're also providing one-to-one pyschosocial activites to children in need of tailored and specialist support. 
  • We've set up a centre for unaccompanied children, tracing their families to reunite them. 
  • Our Healing and Education through Art (HEART) programme uses arts-based group activities such as drawing, drama and music to help children express their emotions and build resilience during their recovery. 
Sara*, 14, holding a football at our Child Friendly Space.

Sara*, 14, was at home with her family when her street was bombed. She emerged from the rubble of her home, temporarily blinded by chemical dust from the blast. Her brother guided her to safety, and she now lives in a displacement camp. Sara attends our Child Friendly Space, where she feels less afraid and alone. She likes playing goalkeeper in football matches, and says the girls' team normally beats the boys' team because she saves all the goals.

  • We’re distributing essential relief items to families who have been forced to flee their homes - such as blankets, warm clothing, cooking utensils and toiletries.
  • We're distributing ready-to-eat meals and fresh food vouchers so families have enough to eat. 
  • We’re promoting food production and helping farming families recover their household income by providing vaccinations and food for livestock. 
  • We’re also giving families cash grants to help them cover the cost of living and address the longer-term needs of rebuilding their lives.
  • We're working to reunify displaced children and their families.
Mai*, 11, at our Child Friendly Space.

“They burned our home to the ground to force us out. When ISIS was there, we weren’t allowed to go to school or learn and they raised the price of vegetables, so we were all going hungry. Whenever they saw a woman talking with a man they would stone them, and they would behead prisoners in front of their family. I always tried not to look when there were beheadings, I would hide behind my mum.” – Mai*, 11

  • We're treating sick and injured children through four health and nutrition facilities and safely delivering babies through a maternity hospital. On average, 20,000 people use these facilities every month.
  • We're immunising children against preventable diseases and screening and treating children with malnutrition. 
  • We're running hygiene awareness classes in schools and local communities to help children stave off disease. 
  • We're supporting new mothers with breastfeeding and distributing baby kits containing items such as clothing, nappies, rash cream and thermometers. 
Arij's* newborn baby.

Arij's* newborn baby girl, born in a maternity hospital supported by our partners in north west Syria. Arij was forced to flee to the suburbs of Idlib after her home was destroyed by bombs.

  • We're supporting a range of education facilities in North Syria and across the region outside Syria. From rehabilitating damaged schools to establishing temporary learning spaces, early learning centres, and vocational training schools for adolescents.
  • We're giving children the materials they need - like books and pens - so they can learn effectively. 
  • We're running homework support groups and youth clubs to help children who have been out of school for a while, to catch up. 
Seven-year-old Ibrahim* attends one of our temporary learning spaces in a refugee settlement.

Seven-year-old Ibrahim* attends one of our temporary learning spaces in a refugee settlement.

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