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How to help kids cope with school closures

Are you heading back to school?

With kids in the UK heading back to school, we have tips on how to be ready, and how to keep learning at home if your school's not open.

6 tips you can trust


Give children age-appropriate information, so they know what’s happening and how it will affect them.

Keeping wake up time, bedtime and meal time consistent helps children maintain their daily rhythm and comforting routines.

Give children a sense of control by involving them in daily decision-making, like choosing an activity or what they’d like for lunch.

Counter inactivity by incorporating movement and physical exercise into your at-home time – designate outside or have a dance party in the living room!

Spending a lot of time at home can lead to boredom and unhealthy eating habits, so pay attention to food quality and involve kids in healthy snack and meal preparation.

Did you know you are your child’s first and best teacher? Use school resources, books and educational websites and apps. Get creative by turning everyday moments into brain-building opportunities. Most importantly, have fun learning together!

Developing your children’s maths abilities through play

Sonia, 8, plays in the pop-up Child Friendly Space in Beirut, after the explosion during her 8th birthday party

We have partnered with University College London to create this easy-to-use guide for 'maths @ home', full of ways you can incoporate maths lessons into play time.

You can download the guide, which has been produced by UCL, below.

How do you feel about going back to school?

This illustrated comic was made to help prepare your kids for returning to school after virtual learning. 

Hard day at school?

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the changes, try the Lazy Cat, the Turtle, the Lemon or all of these relaxation activities!

Reaching out to friends

Being away from your friends is hard. To help your children feel connected to their friends write a message of solidarity and share with other kids. 

Your kids can leave their message however they like: a written or painted sign held by the young artist, speaking to camera, drawing on condensation on a window, via fridge magnets…the choice is yours (and the writer’s of course). 


A child with a red flower in their hair holds up a drawing of a rainbow

A child holds up a painting covered in blue handprints

A child holds up their wish for people to stay safe and positive during coronavirus, written on heart-shaped paper

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