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Climate crisis, conflict and COVID put children on the frontline.

For almost every single second of the war in Ukraine, a child has become a refugee.

In Afghanistan, thousands of children are affected by the country's worst earthquake in two decades. 

Meanwhile, children living in East Africa are on the brink of one of the worst famines in 40 years.

 Our Emergency Fund lets us to respond to disasters around the world. Immediately. 

Your support can help children and families devastated by disaster to stay safe and healthy.

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What are we doing to help?

All over the world, children's lives are at risk as conflicts persist.

We're supporting children growing up in conflict in places such as Ukraine, supporting with:

  • Access to education
  • Winter and hygiene kits
  • Psychological support in the face of unimaginable adversity
  • Cash grants for families to meet basic needs 

Find out more about how we’re supporting children and families on the frontline of the climate crisis by providing water, therapeutic food, healthcare and more.

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How We Helped Oleksander*

Oleksander, an 8-year-old boy from Ukraine, smiles at the camera. Behind him is a road blanketed in leaves. Photo credit: Oksana Parafeniuk / Save the Children

We've been in Ukraine since 2014, and donations from amazing people like you have helped children in Ukraine ever since.

After Oleksander's home was hit by artillery shells while he was still a toddler, your support meant he got the counselling he needed to help him overcome the trauma. 

Donate to our Emergency Fund and help more children in Ukraine, and around the world, make it through the toughest times of their lives. 

*name changed

Our latest blogs

Emergencies: How you've helped

Whether children are at risk due to conflict or natural disasters, we ensure we’re there providing all we can.

When violence erupted in Myanmar’s Rakhine state in August 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families were forced to flee. Thanks to our supporters, we reached over 780,000 people, including 454,000 children with lifesaving aid.

When a tsunami hit Indonesia in 2018, leaving a trail of destruction, supporters' generosity helped Save the Children set up clinics, erect temporary schools and provided shelter. We reached 189,466 people, roughly half of them children.

Even before cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit southern Africa in 2019,  the 1.5m children affected were among some of the most disadvantaged in the world. With your support, we raised a fantastic £1.6m to help children recover.

And after a large blast at Beirut's port in August 2020, our Beirut explosion response was set up to provide immediate support through our emergency fund.

Fifteen years of vital emergency response

Save the Children staff arriving at an emergency

Since we launched our Emergency Fund in 2006, the humanitarian landscape has changed dramatically. We've helped children in crises for more than 100 years. Yet now, crises are more frequent, last longer and affect more people.

There are now twice as many natural disasters as there were 20 years ago. 

The needs are huge, but so is our determination. We have the experience to limit the effects of disasters on children's lives – and our Emergency Fund is the key to unlocking this expertise. From supporting children through the ebola crisis in West Africa, to those impacted by the Beirut explosion, thanks to your support, we've helped millions of children in their darkest hour.

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Page last updated April 1st 2022.

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