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Turkey-Syria Earthquake: 100 days on

100 days on from the devastating day the first earthquakes hit Türkiye (formally known as Turkey) and Syria, we cannot forget about those impacted. 

56,737 people have lost their lives, and more than 138,000 have been injured. In total, around 17.9 million people have been impacted, including at least 6.2 million children.

Children like Ward*, age 6, pictured above. Fast asleep when the earthquake struck, he was hit on the head and buried under rubble as his home collapsed. His father managed to rescue him, but two of Ward’s siblings were killed.

If losing family members, neighbours, friends, their home, and their schools wasn’t enough, flooding in March caused further devastation to children still reeling from the effects of the earthquakes and its aftershocks in Türkiye and Syria.

Right now, children like Ward and their families are in desperate need of support to piece their lives back together. By donating to our Children’s Emergency Fund, you can help protect children’s lives and futures at this devastating time. 

* name changed 

How we're helping

We’re responding with our local partners, providing lifesaving assistance in both Türkiye and Syria.

So far, we’ve already reached 366,182 people

Over the past 100 days we have:

  • distributed emergency food rations, blankets, tents, shelter kits, hygiene kits, dignity kits (including menstrual sanitary pads and underwear) and warm clothing
  • completed the rehabilitation of a school alongside distributing essential learning items for students and teachers
  • provided safe drinking water, and essential hygiene and sanitation items to make sure children and their families can keep clean, healthy and protected from illness and diseases 
  • provided cash to families who have lost their homes and belongings so they can buy food, medicine and other essentials
  • provided psychosocial support services and setting up safe spaces for children and their caregivers
  • helped children and their families to access health services
  • supported children to continue learning by distributing learning materials and setting up safe learning environments
  • partnered with an organisation to support children with disabilities access services and be supported to overcome the new challenges created by the earthquake.

Thanks to your help, Save the Children and its partners were among the first to support earthquake-affected families and have been central to the response over the last 100 days. However, the scale of needs is colossal and far outweighs funding to date.

Please donate to our Children's Emergency Fund today to continue supporting children and their families.

Meet Eylül* and Sümeyye*

Eylül*,10, and cousin Sümeyye*, 7, get ready to play football in Türkiye

Like so many others, when the earthquake struck in Türkiye the families of both Eylül*, 10 and her cousin Sümeyye*, 7, lost loved ones.

Now, the two families live in tents in the same village not far from Antakya, alongside one another, close to the cows, cockerels and bees kept by Eylül*’s family.

Eylül* can often be found playing in the grassy area behind the tent with Sümeyye*. Together they like to kick a football around, pick flowers and draw pictures – Eylül* in particular loves to draw birds, houses and dolls.

Both girls have received mental health and psychosocial support from Save The Children and Eylül* looks forward to returning to school.

* names changed to protect identity

Further information

Page updated May 2023