Cyclone Idai and Kenneth Appeal

In the aftermath of cyclones Idai and Kenneth, thousands of children are still separated from their families and in desperate need of help.

Roads, health centres and schools need repairing or rebuilding from scratch. Over 700,000 hectares of crops have been flooded.

Even before these cyclones hit, the 1.5 million children affected were some of the poorest and most disadvantaged in the world,. So far, we've reached over 160,000 children with life-saving support, but they have months of rebuilding and recovery ahead.

Mateo's story


'There was water everywhere and it was rising quickly. My goats were washed away; I saw them drown. We lost everything that day.' Mateo, 10, spent three whole nights stranded up a tree with his family until he was finally rescued.

Now, he's living in a resettlement camp with his family. We've given them a tent, hygiene kit and learning materials. Mateo is back at school, rebuilding his life and protecting his future.

What we're doing

We’re helping children to survive and recover in the aftermath of this catastrophe. Thanks to support like yours, we’re:

  • Reuniting children with their families
  • training staff and volunteers to help protect vulnerable children, especially girls, from abuse
  • providing 1,700 children with safe spaces to play and recover from distressing experiences
  • screening children and pregnant and nursing women for malnutrition
  • helping 9,500 children catch up on education at our temporary learning spaces
  • giving families cash transfers to enable them to buy food and support the recovery of local markets.

Support like this is critical. But much more help is needed. You can make a difference and save lives - please donate now.

Miranda's story


'Many of my classmates never came back to school. School is very important, we all know that. I lost my shoes that my father bought me and my phone when the cyclone hit. My backpack was ripped. My school materials were all wet, and the paint had come off. I couldn't use them anymore.

Now I have a new backpack and some materials, pens and notebooks. I still do not have the books I need for all my classes. The teachers says that we will get them soon, but we are still waiting.' - Miranda, 11

Our Emergency Health Unit

Our Emergency Health Unit - a world-class team of doctors, nurses and logistics experts – have been on the ground assessing the situation and preparing to respond since before the cyclones hit.

Now, members of our Emergency Health Unit are working to prevent disease outbreaks and ensure children have access to healthcare.

You can donate now to support those affected in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

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