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We're helping children affected by conflict

When fighting between armed groups and government forces broke out in 2014, we launched a direct emergency response in Eastern Ukraine.

We’ve been working in Eastern Europe for more than 30 years. 

Conflict has left many roads inaccessible and houses damaged. Families and children living in the areas affected can’t access the medicine and healthcare they need to survive.

Winters in Ukraine are freezing, dropping below zero. Even families living in areas controlled by the government are struggling to provide suitable housing for their children due to high unemployment rates.

Children living in affected areas, including Donetsk and Luhansk, are suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. 

How we're helping

  • Community Centres give children and their parents a safe space to play, learn and share their experiences, as well as receive counselling through our Child Protection programme.
  • We offer educational opportunities for children and young people, providing teaching and essential learning materials.
  • We’ve repaired more than 680 homes which have been damaged by shelling and provided heating equipment, blankets and winter clothing for the harsh weather.
  • We support hospitals, providing lifesaving equipment and drugs.
  • Our WASH programme distributes drinking water, hygiene kits and is renovating schools across Ukraine to get access to water facilities. 

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