Europe is facing its worst refugee crisis since WW2.

Child Refugee Crisis

Children are forced to flee homes


This special reserve of money allows us to coordinate a humanitarian response so that in the event of an emergency – like the Child Refugee Crisis – we're able to act quickly and save countless lives.

Around the world, over 65 million people have been forced from their homes. Over half are children.

Some have made the perilous trip across the Mediterranean in search of safety in Europe. Millions of others live in areas surrounding their home countries where food is scarce and access to education is limited. But having fled violence, persecution and insecurity, child refugees face new threats every day.

We know that without help or protection, many children have simply no hope rebuilding their futures.




That’s why we’re continuing to support child refugees and their families all around the world through our Emergency Fund. Our teams are on the ground, working around the clock to help keep children safe and give them the chance of a better future.

Donate to our Emergency Fund today to help child refugees and other children in emergencies around the world.


What we're doing

We work with child refugees around the world, from Lebanon to Jordan, Greece to Finland.

  • We keep children warm by providing warm clothes, blankets and fuel for heating.
  • We distribute food, water, blankets and tents to refugee families who have lost everything.
  • We make sure that children get vital medical care. We reunite lone children with their families and keep them safe from trafficking and exploitation.
  • We provide emotional support. We set up safe spaces where children can play and mothers can breastfeed. We help children get back to into education.

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