Change the future

Our new film, Censored, highlights the experiences of children caught up in conflicts that aren’t theirs.

This film is for every one of us who can’t believe our eyes as we watch the news and see bombs raining down on children.

For every person who feels that nothing they can do could make a difference.

A generation of children has seen things nobody should. And we can’t change their past. But by working together, we can change the future.

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We’re raising vital funds to support children on the ground. Depending on the unique needs of children living in conflict, donations from the UK public are making sure that:

  • Children have safe places to learn, play, and get psycho-social support so they can recover from their experiences.
  • Children living in conflict can get critical medical care.
  • Children can get vital food and vitamin supplies.
  • Children suffering from malnutrition and severe dehydration can get treatment.
  • We can immediately respond to disease outbreaks such as cholera and diphtheria, vaccinate children and promote safe hygiene to prevent diseases spreading.
  • Children can get back in the classroom: we’re supporting existing schools, providing essential equipment, and establishing temporary learning spaces.

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