Yemen Crisis Appeal

85000 children may have died from extreme hunger in Yemen

War has raged in Yemen for four years – and children are paying the heaviest price.

Bombs. Hunger. Disease. Children in Yemen face a daily – and deadly – triple attack.

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As bombs rain down on homes and schools, thousands of children have been killed and maimed.

With the economy in tatters, millions of children go to sleep hungry. Yemen may be on the brink of the worst famine in 100 years.

And with water supplies cut off or damaged by conflict, children face another deadly threat: cholera.

Thousands of Yemeni children are in danger of dying from the disease – and this is entirely preventable.

What we're doing

We’re the largest aid agency in Yemen, reaching some of the most dangerous places. Yemeni families need us on the ground – as well as lobbying governments– to save lives and protect futures.

Across Yemen we’re running over 150 clinics, 21 hospitals and five mobile health and nutrition teams.

Right now, we’re:

  • treating sick and injured children
  • providing life-saving treatment for malnourished children
  • responding to deadly disease outbreaks, such as cholera and diptheria
  • providing children with access to safe drinking water and essential hygiene items to prevent the spread of illness and disease

Right now, we’re:

  • running safe spaces where children can learn, play and being the long journey to recovery
  • delivering psychosocial support to help children come to terms with the horrors they've experienced
  • raising awareness in communities about protecting children from violence and exploitation



Right now, we're:

  • setting up temporary learning spaces, so childre don't miss out on an education
  • distributing essential school supplies like books, pens and teaching materials
  • running catch-up classes for children who've missed school


Right now, we're:

  • giving food to young children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who are at risk of malnutrition
  • giving families cash and vouchers for food and medicine to boost local markets

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