Yemen Crisis Appeal

over 100 children are dying of hunger every day

The war in Yemen has been raging for three years now which has left the country in the grip of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. 

A deadly triple threat - bombs, disease and hunger - is threatening an entire generation of children. 

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An economic collapse has left many families unable to afford food and water. And millions of children don't know when or if their next meal will come. 

With fighting escalating in the port city of Hodeidah - the country's main gateway for food, fuel and humanitarian supplies - millions more could face starvation. 

Yemen is on the brink of the worst famine in 100 years.

We are working tirelessly on the ground – as well as lobbying governments and politicians – doing whatever it takes to help save lives and protect futures. 

How your donation has helped children

When Sabreen* started to suffer from diarrhoea, her mother Alia* took her to the hospital immediately. Sabreen received treatment in time and her condition is improving.

Two-year-old Aseel* and his mother Salwa* are both suffering from cholera. Salwa is four months pregnant. They were brought to a Save the Children health clinic in a critical condition. 

Lina was severely malnourished when she was brought to one of our health facilities. After receiving the fluids and special nutritious paste she needed to recover, her condition stabilised.

Save the Children in Yemen

  • We’re treating sick and injured children through over 150 fixed health facilities, 21 hospitals and 5 mobile health and nutrition teams.
  • We're screening and treating children for malnutrition.
  • We’re responding to deadly disease outbreaks such as cholera and diphtheria - stocking hospitals with antibiotics and rehydration salts, making sure children have safe drinking water and essential hygiene items, and raising awareness of symptoms and prevention techniques in communities. 
  • We're making sure children have enough to eat, giving food to young children and mothers. 
  • We're giving families cash and vouchers to buy medicines and other essential supplies. 
  • We're setting up temporary learning spaces so children don't miss out on an education. 
  • We’ve set up Child Friendly Spaces, giving children a safe space to learn, play and receive specialist psychosocial support to overcome the horrors of living in a conflict zone.
  • Watch: Survivors of a school bus attack discuss their experiences and how Save the Children helped.

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