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Shaping a world that's Home to everyone

On the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, we're uniting with Aardman to depict a world that's home to everyone

A world that's Home to everyone

One year on since the violence escalated in Ukraine, over four million children are still refugees - separated from their friends, schools and everything they know.

People in the UK have stood in solidarity for children whose lives have been torn apart. To support these children, we’re honoured to be teaming up with the Academy Award-winning UK animation studio, Aardman, to create an animated short film called 'Home’.

About the film

Inspired by the real-life stories of children we’ve worked with from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria, the film tells the story of a small orange circle who feels far from home in a world where everything is purple and triangular. 

In the visually-rich and inclusive way Aardman are famed for telling their colourful and character-led stories without dialogue, it was important to director, Peter Peake, for the film to be universally communicated through expression and gesture alone to deliver reassurance and understanding to children all over the world. Go behind the scenes.

Still from the animated film Home by Aardman and Save the Children

A still from the short film

Safe spaces during conflict

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the conflict began in Ukraine, and during that time we’ve worked with over 800,000 children who’ve had to leave their homes. With the help of 33 project partners, we’ve been able to help families buy the food, clothes and medicine they need, invite children to play and learn within safe spaces, and repair damaged schools and water systems.

In the UK, we’ve teamed up with communities and local charities to help Ukrainian families find homes, access local services and support their children’s learning. 

Together, we can shape a world that’s home to everyone. 

Around the world, there are over 40 million children on the move, children we are trying to keep safe, healthy and learning. We hope you’ll feel moved to watch and share our film ‘Home’ and help to spread the message of how important it is for refugee children to get the welcome – and the childhood - they deserve. If you want to make a difference to the lives of children in crisis, please consider donating to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund today.

Screenshot from the animated film Home by Aardman and Save the Children

Go behind the scenes

"Despite the gravity of the subject, [we] were keen that the tone of the film should be one of hope rather than a bleak depiction of the refugee experience. We worked closely together, carefully looking at first-hand accounts from children who were forced to become refugees. While utterly heart-breaking, these personal accounts were so powerful and affecting that it quickly made me realise the desperate need to offer some form of comfort to anyone going through the same experiences." Read more from director Peter Peake.