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Saving children’s lives with Surprise Soap

Surprise Soap was created to encourage children to wash their hands. Photo: Ivy Lahon/Save the Children

It’s no surprise that children would much rather go out and play than remember to wash their hands. But in emergency situations such as an earthquake, when water and sanitation systems are destroyed, children can die of diseases that are quickly spread, simply by not washing their hands.

Your support has helped us come up with a creative answer to the problem.

Thanks to your donations, we’ve developed a new soap called the ‘Surprise Soap’. Each colourful bar of soap has a surprise inside – a toy dinosaur!

To get the toy, children are encouraged to use the soap to wash their hands. The more they wash, the quicker they get the toy. It’s an innovative idea, and one that we hope will help to save children’s lives in areas where they’re most vulnerable.

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Diarrhoea spread by unclean hands can quickly kill children in emergencies.

Children in Myanmar are the first to put this award-winning idea to the test.

Flooding and cyclones are not uncommon in Myanmar, and keeping clean and protected from diseases can be incredibly difficult for children and their families.

By piloting our Surprise Soap with displaced children, we hope that they will wash their hands regularly and encourage their families to do the same, improving their health and protecting the community at the same time.

We hope it won’t be too long before we can provide Surprise Soap to other vulnerable communities, saving children’s lives across the world.

Thanks to you, many more children could soon be using this life-saving soap to wash their hands and stay safe, even after disaster has struck.

Surprising Soap has been created as part of Save the Children’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes.

Donate to our Emergency Fund.

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