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The essential, go-to guide and hands on training for anyone looking to develop a successful career in the humanitarian sector.

This course is delivered in french

Over a six-month period, you will be exhilarated, challenged and pushed to emerge with the confidence and skills essential for anyone looking for a career within the humanitarian sector.

Your time will be spent immersed in hands on disaster scenarios, completing online training seminars and developing your personal skills via face-to-face mentoring with experts. The Francophone Humanitarian Operations Programme covers all the essential elements of emergency response deemed vital for humanitarian workers.

Who is it aimed at?

This is an entry-level­ programme which aims to build ground capacity to respond to emergencies in West and Central Africa.

It is aimed at people who are interested in breaking into a career in humanitarian work, including those who want to make the transition into more emergency focused roles, or individuals who already work in the humanitarian sector but have not received formal humanitarian training.

It is mainly aimed at local staff from different agencies operating in francophone West and Central African countries - in particular but no exclusively local staff in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Niger,Chad, Mali - as well as individuals from Haiti.

Staff from local NGOs can receive additional funding to help support their application, and we fully encourage applications from female candidates.

There are a limited number of places available for NGO staff working at headquarters or at regional level, in recognition of their role as surge staff for the region.

Course breakdown

The Emergency Foundation Course, a one-week residential course followed by three to four months of distance learning.

This module provides a solid introduction to the humanitarian sector, including technical and support functions. In this module you will develop the behaviours, knowledge and skills required to operate effectively in a breaking emergency.

One month distance learning followed by the Advanced Field Training (AFT) - a two-week, immersive and scenario-driven residential course. The aim of this module is to consolidate the technical and operational areas covered during the previous module in order to operate safely and effectively in a humanitarian context.

The module is aimed at individuals who have successfully passed module 1. Those who attend will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the basic fundamental means of responding to an emergency or humanitarian crisis. Individuals must be able to demonstrate a detailed understanding of humanitarian interventions, technical responses and show experience across all operational areas.

What will you gain?

  • Mentoring by experienced humanitarian practitioners
  • Experience of operating within multicultural teams in high-pressured contexts during the scenario
  • Consolidated knowledge of the technical and operational areas essential to operate safely and effectively in a humanitarian context, including – but not limited to – safety and security training and the fundamentals of field first aid.
  • A hands-on understanding of the fundamentals of emergency response.
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise with peers operating in different countries/contexts
  • The opportunity to step outside your current role and get an overview of all the support functions and technical areas essential to humanitarian response.

How to apply

Please note: The Francophone Humanitarian Operations Programme is not currently recruiting participants. The programme is being revised this year to include an openly accessible resource hub. Please check back mid-2018 for an update.

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