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Humanitarian Capacity Building

Hands-on learning programmes

Giving you the confidence and skills to save and protect lives, and minimise suffering in humanitarian emergencies.

Developed by humanitarians, for humanitarians

We are a dedicated team based within Save the Children UK that provides capacity building advice and support, and designs and runs specialist humanitarian training programmes for Save the Children and the humanitarian sector as a whole.

Our vision is that Humanitarian responses will be well staffed by trained professional humanitarians who are able to fulfil the needs required, especially at the national and regional level.

We have both an implementing and advisory function; we design and deliver our own programmes and resources, as well as advising other teams and organisations on humanitarian capacity building products and services.

To access our 2019 Annual Report, please click here.

Image showing Save the Children's plans for implementing and advisory practice within the humanitarian capacity building team

How can we support you?

You can find information on how to participate in our training programmes by scrolling further down. If your organisation would like to request humanitarian capacity building support, find out more here.

Current training opportunities

Who we work with

Our capacity building work is funded and accredited by our key partner organisations.

Logos for the companies Save the Children work with in the humanitarian capactity building team


Save the Children is committed to ensuring that people working in the humanitarian sector around the world are prepared and well-equipped to do so, in order to remain accountable to the children, families and communities we work with. 

The Humanitarian Curriculum is a learning platform curated by Save the Children, which hosts over 200 courses for a diverse range of actors, including our own staff, local partners and other humanitarian organisations, with the aim of strengthening our collective capacity to handle emergencies.

Whether you are new to the sector, an experienced humanitarian or just want to learn more, you can search for 'Humanitarian Curriculum' on the Kaya platform to find the learning most relevant for you.  

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