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We've been working in Mali for over 35 years, bringing lasting results to millions of children, including those in the most difficult to reach areas.

We're working every day to give children a good start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from abuse.

Health and nutrition

Many families struggle to afford nutritious food - we're helping people to make a living that is sustainable so they're better able to cope in the face of drought or seasonal shocks. We're also raising awareness around nutrition and promoting affordable ways of improving children's diets

We advocate for free health and nutrition services for the most vulnerable people. We're working hard to reduce newborn deaths, with the government, local authorities, NGOs and community organisations. And we're scaling up projects to improve access to clean water and sanitation.

Protecting children

We're working to make sure that children are protected from violence and abuse, at home and in school. As well as raising awareness, we're helping establish community child protection networks.

We're working with local, national and regional leaders to address early marriage. And we plan to develop our work with street children to help them reintegrate into their families and communities, and help them to learn and access health services.


Mali has made progress towards giving all children the chance to go to school, but there is still some way to go. We're expanding our Literacy Boost initiative to improve children's reading, and working hard to build national support for the programme. 

Learning starts in children's early years, so we're raising awareness of the importance of pre-school education. And were developing new approaches to support early learning.

Page updated October 2021

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