Centenary Challenge 2019

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One Hundred years ago, our founder Eglantyne Jebb called to stop all "wars against children". But now, the war is intensifying. Help us continue the fight to protect children.

Fundraising Ideas 

Whether you're aiming for £100 or £1,000, there are loads of centenary-themed ways to celebrate our anniversary while fundraising to fight for children across the world.

  • 10x10 dinner party- 10 hosts hosting 10 people
  • 100 bake sale- get your friends or colleagues together to bake 100 cakes or savoury treats and sell them for £1
  • 100 people- get 100 people together for a mass fundraising activity such as a choir of 100 singers, 100 knitters or 100 quizzers!
  • 100 days- why not give up sweets and chocolate for 100 days?
  • RideLondon 100- sign up to race 100 miles for our 100th year
  • 100 years of music- host a concert with music from the century from 1919-2019
  • Unleash your inner entrepreneur. Turn £10 into £100
  • Hold a raffle with 100 prizes to be won. Sell tickets for £1 each 


Together we can build something massive, something that will give every child the chance to make their mark on the world and build a better future for us all.


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we need your help

Children are more at risk of conflict now than at any time in the past 20 years. Millions more are not getting the vaccinations they need to grow up healthy, or the care they need when they’re sick.

They’re being denied an education, and the chance to build a future better than their past.

Our centenary is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change to all this – to make sure every child can survive, learn and be protected.

That’s why, during 2019, we’ll be calling on you


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