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The Fun Raisers

Supported by Julia Donaldson

Are you under 18? Get creative like Julia Donaldson and help children around the world!
An image that says 'The Fun Raisers supported by Julia Donaldson', with a picture of Julia Donaldson smiling

Are you 18 or under, or know someone who is? 

Become a Fun Raiser and help children all over the world! 

We've teamed up with the amazing Julia Donaldson, author of classic stories like the Gruffalo, who became the first ever Fun Raiser when she was a kid. She sold bluebells from her friend Mary's garden to raise money for our work. 

Want to be a Fun Raiser like Julia? It's super simple:

  • Pick a way to fundraise (we've got some suggestions below to help you get started)
  • Register your fundraiser with us (if you're under 18, please ask a grown-up to fill in this form for you!)
  • Tell your family and friends that you're doing it
  • Do your Fun Raiser activity and raise money for kids everywhere!
  • Get a certificate at the end to show off your awesome achievement

Get Inspired

Our Fun Raisers campaign follows Julia's true story of selling bluebells from her friend Mary's garden to raise money for our work when she was a child, and unkowingly becoming the founding member of the Fun Raisers.

Julia has shared her story in an exclusive book, Bunches of Bluebells, which is available to bid on through our 'Little Red Book' picnic brunch and silent auction.

The event includes a selection of hand-written books and artistic contributions by celebrities including Judi Dench, Alan Titchmarsh and Dawn French.

The auction, organised by our Somerset Street and District branch, will take place from 12:00-4:30pm on Sunday 12 June at Charlton Mackrell in Somerset.

To attend the event or put in a virtual silent bid on any of the items, please contact d.shaw@savethechildren.org.uk to find out more.

There are so many fun and easy ways to fundraise and change the lives of children around the world. Here's a few top tips from Julia Donaldson herself:

  • Put on a play/comedy show - act out one of your favourite books/films/TV shows, in exchange for donations
  • Flower-thon - be sponsored to name as many flowers as you can in a short space of time
  • Get sporty - from swimming lengths in a pool to running laps, get sponsored to get active 
  • Get cleaning - pick up a pound or two by helping to clean your local beach or park. A great way to help other kids and the environment

Check out our Fundraising Ideas page for even more ways to be a top Fun Raiser. 

Evangeline, who cycled with her dad and uncle from Lands End to John o'Groats, smiles and stands with her bike. She's wearing a helmet and standing in front of a van with Save the Children logos on it.

The amazing Evangeline, who cycled from Lands End to John o'Groats with her dad and uncle to raise money for children.


Gabriel is a woodworking and fundraising prodigy: he raised over £65,000 for children and families in Ukraine in just 48 hours, after thousands of people entered a raffle to win a bowl he made. In the end, he raised over a whopping £255,000.

Gabriel was hoping to raise £5,000 and was blown away by the overwhelming support he received. "I'm amazed!

I worked out that even if I quit school, which I don't think my mum and dad would be very pleased about, it would still take me 32 years if I made three a day!"

You go, Gabriel!

Become an amazing Fun Raiser like Gabriel

Gabriel, 12, smiles and holds a wooden bowl he has made. Photo: Richard Clark


Siblings Evie and Rowan (13 and 11 years old) have raised over £3,000 by shaving off their hair to fundraise for children of Ukraine.

They set out to raise £100, but the incredible duo smashed their goal - super inspiring!

Evie loves knowing that she and her sibling are making a difference. "It almost feels like being six on Christmas morning again, every donation is another burst of excitement knowing you’re helping a child’s future."

Rowan hopes other children will be inspired to do their own fundraisers. "It is easier than you would think and the difference you can make is amazing. It is has also helped me to stop feeling so helpless."

Follow in Evie and Rowan's footsteps and become a Fun Raiser!


Siblings Evie and Rowan stand and smile under a Save the Children poster, after shaving their hair for charity. Photo: Caroline Lewis/ Save the Children UK


Our fabulous fundraiser Pearl has been dressing up as a different character every day, whilst raising money. She started her challenge to stay entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown, and vowed to continue until she could return to school.

Pearl's characters have included a whole host of famous faces, from the girl with the pearl earring to Lady Gaga.

She's raised over £8,000 - what a hero!

Get inspired by Pearl and become a Fun Raiser too.

Pearl, a child fundraiser, dressed up as Professor Snape, the girl with the pearl earring and Lady Gaga

Thank you so much to every superstar kid who's become a Fun Raiser - you've made an incredible difference for children everywhere! 

To mark and remember such an awesome achievement, download your child's certificate here.

A child smiles and plays with a yellow ball at a reading club facilitated by a Save the Children early years teacher. Photo credit: Hanna Adcock / Save the Children

What Is A Fun Raiser?

More Ways to Help


To help make your event as educational as possible, find out if there's a Save the Children speaker in your area by contacting us by phone 0207 012 6400 or email fundraising@savethechildren.org.uk

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