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Protect the Magic

When children are well-fed and happy they can see the fun and wonder in everything - especially at this time of year!

But the reality is that here in the UK and around the world hunger is threatening the magic children naturally see.

You can help protect the magic this Christmas. Donate now.

Meet Fantastical Fawad

 Fawad*, from India, grins after being given a banana by a stranger whilst on his way to the bathroom. Photo credit: CJ Clark / Save the Children
Fawad*, from India, grins after being given a banana by a stranger whilst on his way to the bathroom. A paper cut-out of a lion has been added to the picture. Photo credit: CJ Clark / Save the Children

"The lion runs away when he sees an elephant. I have seen it too in the market. It’s all real what I’ve seen."

It might look like Fawad's* just seeing normal market-type stuff. But what he’s actually seeing are epic fantasies, amazing animals and magical flying characters!

His world is full of amazing things – but there’s a lot that makes real life tough. He used to sleep on the street; his dad is blind and can’t work. 

But now he gets to eat, learn, play and have fun with other kids at a shelter run by Save the Children. With a full tummy, it’s a place where he can let his imagination run wild!

Protect the magic. Donate now.

Donating to Save the Children

Whether you've made a one-off gift or monthly donation, thank you. Your gift will help children get the food, healthcare and education to see the wonder in the world.

Why Save the Children?

Emo, 5, with her mother Rumana, who is 7 months pregnant, sitting on bed, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

With children's endless energy and the determination of supporters like you, we're helping create a fairer world. In the UK and globally, we make sure children are safe and healthy. We support them to learn, grow and continue to see the wonder in the world.

Together we power possible. Discover more about what we do here.

How your donations can help

Thanks to supporters like you, Save the Children reached 44.9 million children across 117 countries in 2020.

Support Save the Children this Christmas

Our Emergency Appeals

Other ways to donate

Donate to Save the Children via SMS (text message). You’ll be charged £3 or £5 plus the cost of one standard rate text message in the first month and we will receive 100% of your donation.

We're always very happy to receive donations by post; 
You just need to print and complete one of these forms:
Single donation
Monthly donation

Please make cheques payable to Save the Children. If your donation is for one of our emergency appeals please make a note of that on the form.

Our postal address for donations is:
Save the Children,
1 St John’s Lane,
London, EC1M 4AR

You can also donate by telephone;
Call the Supporter Care team on +44 (0)20 7012 6400 and they can process card payments over the phone.

The impact of donations

In 2020, the Save the Children global movement reached 44.9 million children across 117 countries including here in the UK, thanks to the help of supporters like you.

Our movement's COVID-19 response in 2020 supported 29.5 million children and adults across 87 countries. In the UK we supported 10,000 of the most vulnerable children with emergency grants, including early-learning packs, vouchers, toys and essential household furniture like children’s beds.

We helped 27.9 million children survive through our movement's health and nutrition work. We and our partners:

  • delivered life-saving healthcare and nutrition to 9 million children in humanitarian emergencies
  • tackled pneumonia – the single largest infectious killer of young children worldwide – by helping to supply children in hospital with oxygen, make life-saving vaccines more widely available, and convene global health experts and decision-makers to find new ways of fighting the disease
  • fought undernutrition – by warning the world of the additional child malnutrition deaths the coronavirus pandemic threatens to cause and rolling out a new method of malnutrition detection in Kenya.

We supported 12 million children to learn through our movement's education programmes. We worked with communities, partners and governments to:

  • make sure children living in conflicts and emergencies – including refugee children – can get the education they tell us is their number one priority
  • fight for girls’ right to an education and tackle obstacles – such as child marriage – that stand in their way
  • improve learning for children during their crucial early years – around the world and among the UK’s poorest communities – when it can make the biggest difference.

We fought relentlessly to protect 3.1 million children through our movement's protection programmes and spoke up for millions more around the world.  In 2020, we worked with our partners to help children on the frontline of some of the world’s worst conflicts and in contexts where children are at risk of harm:

  • pushing for peace in Yemen, the repatriation of children trapped in Syria and justice for the persecuted Rohingya communities of Myanmar
  • providing expert psychological support for Palestinian children who’ve endured Israeli military detention and those left emotionally scarred by the massive explosion in Beirut
  • training community volunteers in India to protect children at high-risk of abuse.

See more ways your donations can help

Amina and her daughter Fatima* at the Stabilisation Centre, Gardo General Hospital

How your support helps children like Fatima*

At just nine months old, severe malnutrition left Fatima too weak to stand. Her mum took her to a Save the Children-supported health centre where Fatima got urgent treatment and nutritious food.

Five months on, she's thriving, walking and playing with her family.

Help support more children like Fatima get life saving treatment and nutritious food

*Names changed to protect identities

More ways to help