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No bank details, no hassle - just enter your mobile number below to give £5 or £3 each month

How it works – you’ll get a text from us, reply YES to set up your gift and start saving children’s lives! Each month, we’ll send you a text before we take your donation – you can always skip a month if you want, you’re always in complete control.


Important information

  • This is a monthly subscription service to Save the Children, you’ll be billed £5 or £3 each month
  • You can skip any month’s donations by replying SKIP to our messages
  • You can stop your donations at any time by texting STOP to 70088 (for £5) or 70002 (for £3)
  • We’ll include all this info in the text you get once you set up your gift
  • By signing up to this service you agree that we may contact you in the future about Gift Aid and Save the Children projects and activities

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