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How to Have a Sustainable Christmas Jumper Day

Keeping Christmas Jumper Day Green

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is the best day of the whole entire year. But it has to be the greenest. We can all do little things to make the world nicer.

Firstly, do NOT buy a brand new sweater! You can buy a secondhand Christmas jumper from our online shop, visit one of our charity shops across the country, or get crafty and upcycle an old sweater.

Make your own Christmas Jumper

Make your own Christmas jumper. Just grab any old thing from the back of the cupboard and cover it with stickers, felt, tinsel, glitter, baubles, whatever. Yule look woolly wonderful!

Christmas jumpers are a perfect opportunity to upcycle as you can really make a jumper that stands out and shows your love for the festive season. 

Crafting materials for Christmas Jumper Day. Photo: Jamie Baker / Save the Children

Jamie Baker / Save the Children

DIY Christmas Jumper Ideas

  • Snowy Jumper 

Stick cotton wool onto your old jumper and place it all around to create a snowy effect. Why not bunch up some cotton balls and add orange felt to create a snowman too?

  • Christmas Tree Jumper 

Cut out a triangle out of green felt or card to make the tree top. Then cut out a smaller brown rectangle for the stump and stick it below the triangle. It's as easy as that! Or go the whole hog and hang some real baubles from your tree!

  • Tinsel Jumper

You can never have too much tinsel... or maybe you actually do have too much and need to use it up! Wrap a few pieces around a green jumper and stick it on with fabric glue. You can even stick on some coloured felt circles, cotton balls or pom-poms to make baubles for an ultra-festive jumper. 

  • Snowman Jumper 

This is a really simple but effective design. Do you have a plain white jumper which is a little old and worn out? Add an orange triangle for a carrot nose and black spots or buttons for eyes and mouth and you have a cute and festive snowman jumper!

  • Christmas Gift Jumper 

Tie a huge ribbon around your waist and turn yourself into a Christmas present! You can even stick some Christmas wrapping bows to the front of your jumper and add a little name tag. Why not finish off the look by wearing a little bow on your head?

  • Festive Message Jumper 

You might be struggling with the crafty side of upcycling but a dab hand at drawing or art. Take a plain-coloured jumper and simply use fabric pens to write a festive message or draw festive art directly on to the jumper.  This will be a jumper that’s personal to you - the essence of upcycling!

More woolly wonderful craft ideas

  • Want to decorate your office, home or classroom? Recycle old newspapers and junk mail into snowflakes!
  • Get out into nature; you can make mini Christmas trees from twigs or festive decorative bowls with pine cones
  • Don't toss that toilet paper roll; with colouring pencils and cotton wool, you can create a whole cast of Christmas characters
  • Once you've had your cereal, keep the box - a few quick snips and you've got your own reindeer antlers!


Christmas Jumper Day is the best day of the whole entire year, so it’s super-important that not one single person misses it. Let’s get every single person totally involved.

You could also order a donation bag to re-sell old jumpers at our charity shops - win win!

Get in touch

Got questions about your fundraising page or team text code? Email help@justgiving.com. Got questions about Christmas Jumper Day? Email christmasjumper@savethechildren.org.uk or call 0207 012 6400.