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Helping children build a better future

We fight to protect children and families who are seeking safety and security in Europe. We do whatever it takes to reach those most in need of help.

Countries we work in

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Our work in the UK

We work with families to narrow the gap between children living in poverty & their better-off classmates. By focusing on early learning, we help children across the UK realise their potential.

Find out how we're helping in the UK.

Smiling girl who is a child refugee in Greece

Our work in Greece

Since the beginning of 2015, Greece has been the entry point into Europe for more than 1 million refugees and migrants seeking safety and security for them and their families.

When the border between Greece and Macedonia – which people passed through on the way to the rest of the EU – closed, it left thousands of people stranded, including 2,000 children.

Find out how we're helping in Greece.

Our work in Ukraine 

We’ve been working in Eastern Europe for more than 30 years. 

Conflict has left many roads inaccessible and houses damaged. Families and children living in the areas affected can’t access the medicine and healthcare they need to survive.

Find out how we're helping in Ukraine.

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