Almost one in three children still lives in poverty in Wales. Through our innovative programmes and campaigning work, we're giving children the support they need to grow, develop and learn.

Working with families, schools and communities

Children spend up to 80% of their time outside of school. So having engaged, informed and confident parents can make a huge difference to their learning.

To ensure children get the best start in life, we support families in some of Wales' most deprived communities. Our teams work with education, health and social care partners to deliver a range of programmes.

Our Families Connect programme empowers parents to create a supportive home learning environment, so that children can achieve their full potential at school and in life.

Our campaigning work

The early years are a critical stage in children's development.

But right now, too many children in Wales are falling behind before they even start school. And it's those growing up in poverty who are most affected.

That's why we're asking the Welsh Government to take action and invest in better support for parents, and to make sure early years staff can deliver world-class early learning and childcare.

How we're helping Mary-Ellen

Mary-Ellen, age 5, lives in Cardiff with her Mum, Helen, and her sister Caitlin, age 8

Mary-Ellen (right) lives in Cardiff.

Her family were really struggling last May when their fridge freezer broke down.

They couldn't store pre-purchased food, causing their living costs to go up enormously; crucially, Mary-Ellen's mum was unable to store important medicines for her and her sister.

Save the Children was able to provide them with a new fridge freezer and Early Learning Packs with educational toys and books so Mary-Ellen could continue her love of reading!

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