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Taking the headache out of England's childcare system

Make Childcare work

We want a childcare system in England that is more affordable and easy to use, so parents face less stress and can access the nursery hours they need, and one that delivers the best possible start for children.

The childcare system in England isn’t working for families.

Great childcare sets up young children for life – helping them to learn, express themselves and get along with other children. It’s where they learn the communication skills, and gain the confidence and curiosity that will mean they can thrive once they start school.

Parents need childcare that gives them the choice to go back to work. But hundreds of thousands aren’t getting the help they should be. It’s a battle for mums, dads, and caregivers to get the support they’re entitled to.

This campaign is about making childcare fair and easy to use. Nursery workers and childminders are doing an incredible job. But right now, our broken childcare system isn’t giving families the support they need – at the most important time in their children’s lives.

It’s time to push for a childcare system that gives parents choices and children the chance to build a better future. Together, we’re calling on the government to make childcare in England work for everyone. 

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The current England childcare system is sending many parents off the rails.

What's wrong with the current system?

Even though changes have been made, many parents are still finding it tough to make choices about going back to work – with mums who are struggling to make ends meet being hit the hardest.

Parents tell us that childcare bills are so high that it’s not worth going back to work, and that finding a way to get the support on offer from the government is tricky.

We estimate that some mums with young children could be losing between £3,400 and £11,400 a year because our childcare system isn’t giving them the choice to return to work.

We need a childcare system that fits around families’ lives and gives parents the choice to go back to work if they want to. It’s better for parents, and better for their children.

Sign our petition calling on Theresa May to Make Childcare Work for everyone.

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Bianca's story

A Mum from East London with two boys aged three and seven.

Bianca, 36, is a Mum from East London with two boys aged three and seven.

After working full time for ten years, childcare issues forced her to give up her job as an education team leader in a college. Bianca said:

“I absolutely loved my job and I could see myself progressing. It was the cost of childcare that made me give it up, because if I’d had to pay for my younger son to be in nursery full-time that would have been a massive chunk of my salary. We made sure we lived within our means but of course you lose out on some things.

“There are a lot of people who have a lot to give to the economy, but childcare is such a massive barrier. The only way you can jump over that barrier is if you’re willing to shell out a lot of money and have little left for three or four years.

“We did make that choice to have children, but we shouldn’t be penalised for it, and that’s how it feels at the moment.”

Sign our petition calling on Theresa May to Make Childcare Work for everyone.


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