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Nearly one quarter of children are affected by poverty. With our programmes & campaigns, we aim to give every child the help they need to make their mark.

We work with partners to create fairer childhoods - to end poverty among families with children.

Children have a right to a decent standard of living, to play and to learn. But in Scotland today poverty makes it less likely children will achieve their potential.

Poverty makes it much harder for a child to achieve their potential at school, and harder for their parents to support their learning.

By the time they start school, many children in poverty are already falling behind their classmates.

As they grow, the education gap widens and leaves an unfair disadvantage.

It's a huge challenge for children, teachers and parents.

What are we doing?

  • Campaigning to increase family incomes and reduce poverty among families with children.
  • Working with families and partners for policy changes that raise family incomes and put more money in families pockets. We want to Scottish Government to at least double the value of the Scottish Child Payment to £20 a week as soon as possible.

Our main calls are set out in the End Child Poverty manifesto.


Supporting families to play and learn together

Our work aims to help parents, carers and wider families to play and learn with their children. Children learn through play. We work with partners to find ways to empower parents to play with their children at home and raise awnaress of how this helps their children develop.

The impact of coronavirus on families

Families Connect

Mum and Dad Leanne and John with daughter Keira, 5, take part in Save the Children's UK Families Connect programme.

Mum and Dad Leanne and John with daughter Keira, 5, take part in Save the Children's UK Families Connect programme.

In partnership with Scottish Government, we are delivering our Families Connect programme with professionals in nursery and schools across Scotland.

The programme can be delivered online or in person and aims to grow parents confidence in engaging with their children, build networks of support and improve links between schools and communities. 

92% said it changed what they do at home

69% said the programme changed relatives' behaviour

97% would recommend Families Connect (65% had already)

"Families Connect has really helped me understand my child's learning and made me think about my parenting skills and make positive changes at home, which have helped the whole family.” - Parent.

Building Children's Places

Children’s Places is an area-based, community initiative that tackles disadvantage at a neighbourhood level to improve local children’s lives.

The project is made of community-based partnerships – where children, families and the wider community can shape services and work towards improvements through shared goals and governance.

Save the Children supports Children's Places in areas of Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire in Scotland.

We're creating guidance and resources for groups and practitioners on how to engage families, and particularly children, in community-led action planning, service planning and local development.

children's landscape logo

For more information, contact InfoScotland@savethechildren.org.uk


Play Scotland

We teamed up with Play Scotland to create two Play Well packs, which are packed full of suggestions, ideas and tips to support children's play and learning at home.

There are games and activities designed for children aged three to six. These can easily be changed to suit younger or older children too. Lots of these activities help develop the skills that will be a good start for when they begin or go back to school.

Going back to nursery or getting back to primary school is exciting but it might be an anxious time. This pack aims to help parents talk through these worries with their child as. 

Download your free Play Pack here.

Download your free Outdoors Play Pack here. 

Children's Rights Training Tool

As part of our work with the Scottish Government, we would like to promote the following Children's Rights Training Tool.

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