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Following the escalation of violence in in Northeast Syria, an estimated 210,000 people were reportedly displaced with additional indications of people on the move.

In Al Hasakeh governorate, schools are being used as collective shelters.

There are around 500 families currently occupying 8 schools.


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Save the Children responses to an Urgent Question posed in parliament about the plight of British children trapped in North East Syria. 

North East Syria: Response to Urgent Question in Parliament > 

The number of British children trapped in North East Syria after fleeing ISIS-held areas is more than 60, Save the Children can disclose. This is around double previous estimates that have been reported in the media.  

More than 60 British children trapped in North East Syria > 

In response to Dominic Raab's statement in Parliament on the situation for British children in North East Syria where he said "we are looking in relation to orphans and unaccompanied minors to whether they can be provided safe passage to return, because as he said it is utterly unfair that such innocents should be caught in the crossfire". 

Save the Children responds to Dominic Raab's statement > 

Following the escalation, they along with 21 other unaccompanied children were transferred to Raqqa where they are being looked after.

British orphans in Syria taken to Raqqa >

Save the Children warned today of an impending huanitarian disaster in North East Syria, where families and children have already started fleeing hostilities. 

Save the Children prepares to scale up operations in North East Syria > 


Save the Children is deeply concerned by troubling reports that hundreds of women and children with links to ISIS have fled the Annexe of Ein Issa camp. 

Foreign women flee shelled camp in North Easy Syria > 


We are deeply concerned for the hundred of thousands of people present in North East Syria.  

US troop withdrawal from areas in North East Syria reaction >

11 year old beissan displaced in north east syria


"When we were in our village, we were hit by airstrikes, then we had to move to another area and we were hit again. We moved to a third place and we couldn’t survive because we had no support, and now we moved again in the fourth location because of the bombings. I wish I could go back to my hometown and go back to school".

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Bring British children home now!


Reasons why all British children urgently need to be rescued and brought back from Syria.

An impending humanitarian disaster

Save the Children prepares to scale up response in North East Syria