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Wave of Hope

The Wave of Hope is a show of global solidarity, and our call to the Prime Minister to crack the crises for children.

Join thousands across the UK

Our country is about to host a meeting that could change the world. The decisions made at June's G7 meeting will affect us all - but especially children.

That’s why Save the Children is part of the Crack the Crises campaign, which brings together individuals and organisations committed to tackling the combined crises of Covid, injustice and climate change.

All you need to do is draw, trace or print a hand and display it in your window at home. Decorate it, colour it in, get creative, and ask your family and friends to get involved. 

It's a moment of play that could have big consequences for the future.

We need all G7 countries to play their part, and that means helping pay for it too. 

The UK and other G7 countries need to show leadership. But for that to happen, it’s going to take every single one of us to let them know how much we care.

Add your hand to the #waveofhope

To get the Prime Minister to focus on children, we’re going to get playful. Show him (and your neighbours) that we're counting on him to lead at the G7 and #CracktheCrises for children.

Add you name to #Crackthecrisis

Add your name and help children everywhere get vaccines and healthcare when they need it, fight poverty, and tackle the climate crisis for generations to come.

Share your creation

Using the hashtag #WaveOfHope

Take a photo of your beautiful window display and share it with your friends and communities on social media, using the hashtag #WaveOfHope.

Your image will join thousands from across the UK and be presented to world leaders at the G7 summit in June – sending them a message they can’t ignore.

Why a wave?

It symbolises the fact that we’re connected, no matter who and where we are. 

And as more people add their hands and speak up for children, our Wave of Hope will get stronger, until leaders at the G7 won’t be able to ignore it.

Wave of hope