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UK Aid

Saving lives and transforming futures

UK aid saves lives. But it also has the power to transform children’s futures. For good. Because smart UK aid isn’t about handouts, a quick fix or a sticking plaster. It’s about tackling root causes.

It’s about making sure children have the right people, in the right places, with the right resources.

A doctor, a teacher. A hospital, a school. Food, medicine, books.

It's about working with poorer countries to share skills, expertise and funding – so that countries can stand on their own two feet.

Helping them develop the know-how to run healthcare and education services. And supporting them to increase their tax income – so they have money to invest in these essential services.

So that life-saving clinics and schools are built and maintained.

Vital equipment and supplies are delivered. Nurses, doctors and teachers are trained – and paid.

And crucially, so the most deprived and hardest-to-reach children get food, healthcare and the chance to learn.

UK aid is about making sure poorer countries can stand on their own two feet. And it's about helping build a fairer, safer world – for all of us.

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