UK Aid saves lives

This year, 6 million fewer children will die needlessly than in 1990. That’s no coincidence: without aid, change on this scale just wouldn’t have been possible.

When disaster strikes. When there aren’t enough doctors. When there’s no clean water.  UK aid is a lifeline, helping the world’s poorest countries to stand on their own two feet.

And we’ve come so far on this journey. This year, 6 million fewer children will die needlessly than in 1990. But it’s a scandal that children are dying from preventable diseases like pneumonia, often because they can’t afford life-saving treatment or there’s no doctor or nurse available. We’re fighting to make sure that aid saves lives and supports governments to build strong health systems that help transform children’s futures.

Will you join us to shout about the impact of UK aid?

UK aid is a range of projects, grants and partnerships, funded by the government. It trains health care professionals and teachers. It strengthens tax systems in poor countries. It provides emergency relief to millions of people following a disaster. It’s possible because of you.

How you can help

1.    Join us in showing support for UK aid and for it being spent on supporting poorer countries to build strong health and nutrition systems

2.    The best advocates for UK aid are you - UK taxpayers and the people making progress possible. We’re asking you to champion UK aid among your friends and family about the amazing work that is being done on behalf of British people.

You can use these resources to help:

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UK aid needs our help. Our country’s support for the world’s most vulnerable children is under threat from people who want to see us turn our backs on the progress we’ve made. Charity may start at home, but it doesn’t have to end there.

We want to show the truth. UK aid saves and transforms lives.

Join us to show your support for UK aid

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Who has UK aid helped?

In the last five years, UK aid has supported or provided training for these people.

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