Indonesia Tsunami Appeal

A tsunami was triggered by a powerful earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia, at the end of September, leaving a trail of destruction. 

Over 2,000 people were killed and thousands more injured. Those who survived, have seen their lives ripped apart. Six-metre-high waves flattened whole coastal towns, wiping out thousands of homes and schools.

Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless and many are sleeping in makeshift shelters, in desperate need of food, water and medical care.

Damage to water systems and sanitation facilities increased the risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases, which in the crowded conditions of the evacuation settlements, could spread quickly.

Our response

We're providing lifesaving support across the worst affected areas of Palu City, Donggala and Sigi:
  • We’re providing families with essential hygiene items like soap, buckets and jerry cans.
  • We've established temporary toilets and are transferring waste from communities, to help prevent the spread of deadly diseases.
  • We’re identifying children who have been separated from their families and helping to reunite them. Children like seven-year-old Rizky*, who was separated from his family after the destruction. Read Risky's story here.
  • We’ve set up safe places where children can recover, play, and receive emotional support to overcome this traumatic experience.
  • We're setting up temporary learning centres to get children who are out of school, back into education. 
  • We're training teachers to deliver psychosocial first aid and recognise children who need referring for specialist support.
  • We're helping families access food and safe drinking water.
  • We’re distributing shelter kits, containing blankets,  tarpaulins, ropes, mosquito nets and essential household items like pots and pans so families who have lost their homes have somewhere safe to eat and sleep.


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