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What do you see?

A bride? A soldier? A refugee? An uneducated girl or starving child? We'd like you to meet six different kids who are here to tell you a different story.

A child bride?

'We are children who stand against early marriage,' sing Hiba* and Rama*. 'We will fight the world to stop it.'

A girl shouldn’t speak her mind? Says who!

Meet Hiba, and Rama, two child activists using rap and spoken word to spread their message about child marriage.

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A child Soldier? 

“When I finish my studies and graduate, I want to become the President of the Republic of South Sudan."

This gentle, smiling 14-year-old loves school, especially maths, drama and drawing. But just a year ago, Peter* was living as a child soldier with an armed group in South Sudan.

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A child refugee? 

'I'm a ninja!'

Bubbly, happy and energetic, Faisal's* just like millions of other children. But he lives in a refugee camp in Jordan, where life can be tough. Luckily for Faisal, his big brother Bilal* is there to look out for him.

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An uneducated girl? 

'When a girl is given a chance, she can do what a boy child can do.' 

In a refugee settlement in Uganda, 14-year-old head girl Harriet* is proving just how capable young girls can be!

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A starving child? 

'Lawrence* is my little brother that I love very much and I would do anything to help him.'

Meet Leolida*, 12.

Alongside support from a Save the Children health worker, Leolida is doing all he can to help his 18-month-old brother recover from malnutrition, even if it means going hungry himself.

Discover Lawrence and Leolida's story >

*Names changed to protect identities

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