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Let the post lockdown shopping begin

Non essential shops making a come back

The 12th of April isn’t generally a day to get excited about. There’s no big birthdays, bank holidays, things to pop a reminder in or plan an outfit for, if that’s your vibe. But today is a special day. A day we’ve looked forward to for months now. Drumroll please…non-essential shops are open!

Find your nearest Save the Children charity shop

Time to do something new

Even if you don’t love shopping, the fact there is finally to go other than the same loop around the vicinity of your house you’ve been walking for what feels like an eternity is surely something worth pulling a coat on for. And, once you are tired from actually buying something other than fruit and veg, the pubs are open too for a restorative beverage in (hopefully) the sunshine.

Just like the new blossom on the trees around the UK that starts to pop up around this time of year, this long awaited reopening does feel like an undeniable sign of hope that brighter times are coming. A feeling that things are going in the right direction, that perhaps soon we may be able to hug our besties/see the grandparents again/try out that mother baby yoga class/sing karaoke in a dive bar. Whatever it is your heart is longing for, shops reopening seem bring us one step closer.

Finding your local shop

Until that magical day where we finally experience what the ‘new normal’ is, and all lockdown rules are lifted, let’s celebrate what we do have – a highstreet ready to reopen. And what better place to get out, update your wardrobe, buy some cards/birthday presents IRL than a local Save the Children charity shop or our Mary’s living and giving boutiques? You can find your nearest shop here

Get something post lockdown for less

During lockdown so many people have had the time for big clear outs so our 50 stores across the UK are full of amazing quality designer pieces or charity bargains, as well as new accessories and never been worn gems. Alternatively, if you’re still shielding or don’t feel comfortable heading outside you can check out our Save the Children Depop or online shops too.

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