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Celebs, cassava balls, Cameron and hunger

Eggs, bacon and beans, fortified cereal or a couple of balls of cassava dough? Choice of breakfast was just one subject getting attention at the launch of our hunger report this week.

Those extra vitamins hidden in our breakfast cereals might be the last thing we’re thinking about in the midst of the morning rush. But it’s one example of what millions of children in poorer countries are missing out on.

plate of cassava dough at Save the Children hunger launch event
Balls of the cassava dough were picked at tentatively, but it's not tasty or nutritious.

Making an issue of hunger

As part of our No Child Born to Die campaign, we’re calling for the biggest ever push to tackle hunger. It’s a global problem that affects millions of children.

And it’s not just about children dying of starvation, or dying because they’re weakened by hunger and can’t fight off illness.

Millions more children will  have their growth stunted because they survive on food with so little goodness, like this cassava dough – less nutritious than wheat flour, but the staple food for many families.

Natasha Kaplinsky, Myleene Klass and Justin Forsyth talking at the Save the Children hunger event
Natasha Kaplinsky, Myleene Klass and Justin Forsyth talk about putting hunger on the agenda for world leaders.

Support for the cause

We were lucky to be joined by some fantastic ambassadors, really helping to get this issue talked about in the news. Joining our CEO Justin Forsyth were Natasha Kaplinsky, Myleene Klass and, joining via live link from Rwanda, food writer and One Show regular Jay Rayner, who interviewed Rwandan Health Minister Dr Agnes Binagwaho.

What’s the point?

We’re asking David Cameron to name a day to call a world food summit to finally tackle this huge, hidden problem for children.

Jay Rayner and Agnes Binagwaho join Save the Children hunger event live from Rwanda.
Jay Rayner and Agnes Binagwaho live from Rwanda.

And we’re asking you to name a day to help end hunger too. Sign up now and we’ll ask you to take one, two or a few simple steps to help spread the word – it’s up to you.

Follow the progress of the campaign: like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and keep up-to-date and informed with our latest blogs.

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