No Child Born to Die

6.6 million children under five die needlessly every year. We’re working hard to end this outrage through our ambitious No Child Born to Die campaign. Thanks to your support we made some huge breakthroughs in 2011 and now we need your help to end the scourge of childhood malnutrition.

Last year, we inspired massive new investment in vaccines that will save 4 million children’s lives by 2015 and secured commitments to train and equip more health workers so more kids can see a doctor or nurse when they need to.

But we can’t afford to lose momentum now.

In a world with food enough for everybody, 300 children die of malnutrition every hour of every single day.

And those who survive face a life sentence of hunger.In poor countries 1 in 3 children suffer permanent damage to their body and minds because of malnutrition in their first few years.

What you can do

World leaders need to step up  – and you can make sure they do.

Last year David Cameron showed powerful leadership in galvanising the world to act on vaccines. This year we’re urging him to lead the biggest ever push on hunger.

We want him to name a day when he’ll host a world hunger summit aimed at making the global food system work for the millions of children going hungry.

But we need the passionate support of people like you to make it happen – will you help us?

Name a day when you’ll do one thing to save children’s lives, and we’ll urge the PM to do the same.

When your day comes round, we’ll ask you to take one of five simple actions – from sending a tweet to cooking a meal – to help spread the word about this devastating crisis.


How we can end hunger

We know what needs to be done. These simple solutions can help end hunger for good:

  • Ensuring all babies are breastfed for their first six months would save more than 1.3 million children’s lives every year.
  • Fortifying food with vitamins and minerals could protect millions of children from life-threatening diseases.
  • Just giving children vitamin A – the kind of supplement you’d find on any British high street – would help save more than half a million lives every year. 
  • Small amounts of cash given to poor mothers to buy food for their families could make the difference between life and death.

Together we can give every child a life free from hunger.