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Born to Run: my marathon debut

My son, Jacob, had some difficulties at birth and needed an emergency blood transfusion to save his life. To go through an experience, no matter how short-lived, that threatens the life of your child is very harrowing. It’s had a profound impact on how I feel when I see children suffering and imagine what their parents must be going through.

Jacob is 18-months-old now and is so much fun. Training is definitely tougher these days, as time between training sessions is filled with nappy changes, meal times, laundry and lots of playing of course.

A new challenge

I’ll be running the London Marathon on April 17 and I am really looking forward to it with excitement but also with trepidation. It will be my marathon debut, having spent many years competing on the track, as well in shorter road races. I have gained race experience, but I’m not complacent about how tough the marathon will be!

Training for a completely new event has definitely kept me motivated. I’m surprised how much I have begun to enjoy the weekly long run, as I used to dread it a bit during my track career.

Making a comeback

The build-up to the marathon has been a little slightly rushed for me, as I’m returning from having a stress fracture in my foot. Apparently pregnancy and breast feeding can mean the bones get a bit leached of calcium. A lengthy lay-off from running has allowed the bone to heal. Therefore my preparation for the London marathon has taken the form of a second comeback.

I would like to say thank you to everyone running for Save the Children this year. I hope that your training is going well.

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