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India: Six days to go

In October 2010, three longstanding volunteers for Save the Children – Sue, Anne and Marilyn – are visiting our programme work in India. They will visit our health, education and protection work across Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbia, sharing their thoughts on the work they see. Through their eyes we will see what its like volunteering for Save the Children, and how their experiences shape their involvement when they get back home.

Only 6 days to go and am I excited – you bet!!

It’s been a busy week especially having our security briefing but has learning what to do if kidnapped, carjacked, assaulted or during a terrorism attack put me off, NO.

The biggest dilema this week is what to take (and I don’t just mean what to wear) that’s my usual problem and I have never learned the art of travelling light, but this is my opportunity to learn.  We need to take gifts for the children and also our hosts, so frantic e.mails this week to my fellow travellers to get ourselves co-ordinated.

We will be visiting Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai visiting lots of projects and hope to blog as often as we can.  There should also be lots of photos and video .

I will be able to bore you all to death when I return but watch our for my first blog from India itself.

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