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India: Here we come!

Got up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. The big day has finally dawned. It seems to have been so long in coming, I can’t beleive it is finally here. Need to think seriously then about doing the packing!!

Had a shower and shaved my legs. Don’t know why I’m telling you that, but it seemed quite important on my to do list today. Have been shopping and still not got any dollars. Have to do that later today. That’s really important – don’t forget the money!

Dropped off a birthday card and notes for the open garden meeting. Been through a long list of “things to do for panto while I’m away” with Kayleigh and am trying to spend some time with Caitlin before I go. She’s only 4 and we’ve not been apart for more than 1 night.

But she’s got her big brother and sister home all next week. They are planning lots of day trips, to the wildlife park, to the soft play area, Colchester Zoo to visit the cousins.

Oops that sounds wrong. The cousins aren’t at the zoo, obviously, but live near Colchester and will go all together to the zoo. And there’s going to be a halloween bash I hear, and lots of mum’s going away parties!

I hope they might find some time for Christmas shopping as I usually try and do that over half term. It sounds like they won’t miss me at all. I will probably miss them.

And what will I be doing all next week? I know what the itinary says. Visits to the slums in Delhi, health education project in Jaipur, school in Mombai, but I really have no idea what it’s going to be like.

India is so very different to Carterton in so many ways, it’s going to be a huge adventure. The weather looks to be about 35 degrees, falling to around 23 degrees at night. The food, people, culture, will all be such an experience. I am really getting quite excited now.

I’ve been raising money for Save The Children for about 30 years, here in wet, cold, safe Oxfordshire. I’ve been happy to pass it on to the Children’s Emergency Fund, confident always that the money will be well spent, and that all our efforts are worthwhile.

But to see that for myself, to see how and why the money is spent, the need, the poverty, the life- changing and life saving work that the fund does, is what the trip is all about.

Anyway, must focus now on the packing. Blog done. That’s another thing off the to do list. I will try and update as often as I can while I’m away. I’ve managed to get into most of the school assemblies this week at the Community College where I work and tell all the kids about my trip.

Hopefully, some of them will follow my blog. Let’s hope it’s worth reading. And let’s hope I can organise myself. I’m not the most IT coordinated person. I’m quite impressed with myself for having done this so far! So, can’t put it off any longer… Packing.

PS Hope I’m under the 20kg limit, otherwise may have to leave the emergency chocolate supply behind.

These are the 4 muskateers before we go!

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