The Child Poverty Act

In March 2010 the Child Poverty Act was passed, legally binding the government to a commitment to eradicate child poverty in Britain by 2020. For the first time ever, government and local authorities have been set targets to end childhood poverty for good.

A child's bedroom in one of the flats on the Aylesbury Estate in London where a family live in poverty.

With 1.6 million children living in extreme poverty in the UK, we warmly welcome this legislation. We will be working with the government and local authorities to help them deliver on their promises set out in the Child Poverty Act.

Giving children a voice

We played a key role in ensuring the Act gives children and young people a say in developing strategies to end child poverty. The Child Poverty Act 2010 requires all local authorities in England to:

  • co-operate with local partners to produce a needs assessment of poverty in their area and develop a strategy to end it
  • involve children, young people and families in this process.

How we can help your local authority

Are you a local authority in England? We can provide the following support to help you tackle child poverty:

  • Carry out direct consultations with children, young people and families to help develop a needs assessment and a child poverty strategy
  • Train staff in the skills needed to talk to children, young people and their families about their experience of poverty and use these findings to help shape anti-poverty strategies and practice
  • Help you self-assess your child poverty interventions and develop an action plan to address gaps in your current approach. 

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