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Occupied Palestinian Territory

Since 1953, we’ve been working for Palestinian children’s rights in Gaza and the West Bank.


The Impact On Children

We're gravely concerned by the serious escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinian armed groups, which so far has claimed the lives of six Palestinian children and injured at least 96 more inside the Gaza strip.

Children should never be collateral damage. 

The only way to truly protect children's lives and wellbeing is for all parties to halt this violence and seek a lasting, sustainable peace.

Almost 1 million children live in Gaza.

Many like Salma* and Mohammad* have already lived through three conflicts. Years of military occupation by Israel have taken their toll on children in Gaza and across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Many are suffering from:

  • poor mental health including depression and anxiety
  • reduced access to education
  • losing their family and friends
  • life-changing injuries 
When violence escalated in 2021, thousands of children’s lives were at risk. Houses were turned to rubble, schools and hospitals damaged and thousands of families ripped apart. 
Across the West Bank and inside Israel, unrest continues and Palestinian children live in fear of arrest or displacement.

Getting Aid to Children

We’ve been able to stand with Palestinian children for years because of your support. Since the 2014 Gaza war, your support has helped us reach almost 50,000 people – including 35,000 children.
Destruction in Gaza

Destruction and rubble after airstrikes in Gaza, May 2021. Photos courtesy of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

When violence escalated in 2021, you raised over £190,000 for children – helping them to stay safe, healthy and learning.

Right now, our teams are providing:

  • baby hygiene kits for families who have lost their homes
  • food vouchers for families in Gaza who have been most impacted by the violence
  • household water tanks so families have access to clean water
  • psychological support for children and their families

As children start to head back to school we’ll:

  • rebuild damaged schools, ready for the new year in August
  • provide education kits for children who have lost their homes

Standing Up For Children's Rights

Palestinian children’s safety is in danger every day. Consistent breaches of their most basic rights lead to hundreds of children being detained or having their homes destroyed by the Israeli military.

We stand up for children’s rights and work to protect children from violence and abuse. In the West Bank, we’ve helped over 900 children rehabilitate after being arrested or detained. Together with partners including the Palestinian Counselling Centre we also support families who homes have been demolished.

Read our reports ‘Defenceless’ and 'Hope Under The Rubble' to learn more about the impact of Israeli military actions on Palestinian children.

Shaiyma's* Story

Shaiyma has a message to the world: “We need your help, stand with us. I need to get this shrapnel out of my head so my life can be like it was before”
Shaiyma* lives in Shijaiya in the Gaza Strip, which has been under a 10 year long blockade by Israel. Photo credit: Mohamed Nayef / Save the Children

Shayima often gets home from school to no electricity, and says streets are dirty and smell bad.

After Shayima's house was shelled, she was unconscious for four days. She stayed in the hospital for a month and still today has shrapnel in her head, which affects her health and everyday life. 

We're providing Shaiyma with access to child resilience sessions, helping her deal with stress and anxiety.

The sessions also aim to build self-confidence,  increase life skills, reinforce resilience and coping strategies, and give children the ability to express their feelings and concerns. 

*name changed to protect identity


Our Emergency Fund

Your donation to our Emergency Fund will help our teams react rapidly to crises across the world.

For children in Gaza only receiving a pitiful 4 hours of electricity a day, your donation could go towards an LED lamp to help them study. Or it could help to provide first aid kits for families in Gaza, helping to treat children's injuries.

*Page last updated 8th August 2022

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