Providing health & education to families

We want to reach tens of thousands of families though our health and education programmes. But we can't do it without your support.

Poverty is a defining factor of many Mozambican children’s lives. 

Fewer than half of Mozambique’s children now in first grade will finish grade five. Their cognitive development, their ability to solve problems, and their social and emotional skills are all crippled by poverty. To help children in a way that is lasting requires a concerted, integrated approach. That’s why we’ve put early childhood development at the heart of our work in Mozambique – to make sure children get the right start.

We're also helping young people who are HIV positive. Our hundreds of community activists provide the vital care and support they need, from helping them get anti-retroviral drugs to providing food and care. And our model of newborn care and community participation has contributed to the Ministry of Health’s strategy for newborns, which we are helping to roll out across the country.

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